Advertise with Us

Let’s say you had a good idea. You executed it beautifully, and created a high quality product. You still have one important area where the whole thing can go south – advertising. In order to compete for the attention of your potential buyers or clients, you have to be able to efficiently present your product or service to them, and do it in a way that motivates them to take advantage of it. There are a large number of different advertising tactics, but the online variant is one of the most important ones.

The Internet is the largest and single most powerful ad surface with literally millions of opportunities. This is also the reason why so many people botch their campaigns. There are too many options to choose from, and if you fail to do your due diligence, you can end up on a platform that has low visibility, or run into other problems such as bad ad placement or trying ineffective advertising methods. If, however, you can find the right platform, the sky is the limit for you.

Geeks Lab Has All the Answers

In the early stages of the website, we did not put up any ads for a good while. Our reasoning was rather straightforward; we did not want to compromise the quality of our product. Our product was our content, and wanted to put that product out there without any kind of interference, especially since we did not yet know what would be the best way to do it. As the site started to become the force that it is today, we started to run ads while carefully paying attention to the feedback of our readership. With this approach, we were able to fully maximise our revenue and keep our users happy.

A Popular Platform

When we had a thousand unique visitors per month, we wanted two thousands. When we had five, we wanted ten. Currently we have 17,000 unique visitors each month. That sounds good on its own, but what if I told you that the vast majority of these 17,000 visitors are people who are interested in our ads, and gladly buy the products that we introduce to them? Many websites make the mistake of putting up ads too early, or putting up too many of them. We did not make this mistake, and instead collaborated with companies with products our audience would want to buy, and the results were fantastic.

Why Choose Us

There are a number of reasons why choosing a strong online presence such as ours could be beneficial to you:

  • Our popularity translates – We are quite popular, but what is even more important is that our popularity translates into sales. Our visitors are mostly teenagers and people in their 20s, not yet burdened with the financial implications of adult life. They are big spenders and they grew up watching online ads. This is a crucial aspect of their consumer experience. If you have the right product or service for this type of audience, you will be able to successfully advertise with us.
  • We are experienced advertisers – Over the years, our platform has become a highly efficient advertising machine. We offer a good time to our visitors who are interested in what we have to say and what we have to offer. It’s a two-way street here at Geeks Lab – our visitors know that we value their feedback, and that brings out the whole community aspect. In the last couple of years, this mutual trust allowed us to run ad campaigns with high frequency and success, without having to worry about losing our readership. If you choose us, you get that experience, along with one of the best digital online advertising platforms out there.

If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to working with you.