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Our website if a safe haven for geeks, a place where you can find the best relevant content on the Web. We developed a great layout that allows us to see your feedback in real time. If you have any questions about the content or a business proposal, feel free to contact us via this page or directly at We answer any inquiries within 24 hours, but usually it takes considerably less. Your opinion is very important to us, and we handle every inquiry with maximum attention.

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General inquiries and feedback – One of the underrated aspects of our job is getting valuable feedback from our target audience, our fellow geeks. This makes our job considerably easier, and it reinforces everything we do. Our team consists of content writers, journalists and media creators who all contribute to making this website the kind of place where people enjoy spending their time. Our audience always comes first and is a focal point of our business.

Business offers – Our website became a popular platform for geeks from all over the world. We have visitors from virtually all continents with the possible exception of Antarctica, but keep your fingers crossed. If you have any kind of product or service that could be relevant to us and our geek community, do not hesitate to tell us about it.

Advertising space – Another positive side effect of the site’s popularity is getting advertising inquiries. We have available ad space on Geeks Lab, but your ad needs to be the right fit. If your products or services are highly relevant to our readership, please send us an inquiry. We only feature ads that are relevant to our niche and our visitors. If you want to translate clicks into actual sales, your ad simply needs to be geeky.

You are a content creator – We have some very talented people on the team, but their time is often limited, especially since many of them have their own show now, some of which we stream on a daily or weekly basis. We are a very creative bunch, but finding the time that’s necessary to shell out fresh content is often a struggle, not because we don’t want it, but simply because we already have our own things going on and audience to support it. As a result, we are more than happy to accept relevant guest blog posts from bloggers and content creators who feel they can contribute to our cause. If you like this platform or are simply looking for a place with high popularity to showcase yourself, we are listening.

Media inquiries – If you are a member of media and would like to interview me or another member of the team, please let us know. Being a digital medium ourselves, we enjoy the process and always welcome our fellow journalists and media professionals.

Networking – We have developed many great relationships over the years, but we always keeping our eyes open for anybody new and interesting. If you feel you have a product or a service that is destined to be a hit, we have the right channels to help you. It never hurts to ask.

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We encourage you to reach out with anything you deem important. We are always on standby and are more than happy to assist with any inquiry. All of our members have their own social media handles and email addresses, and if you want to reach out to me directly, please send an email at Alternatively, you can simply fill out the contact form below. We are looking forward to hearing from you, and thank you for visiting our website.