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The blog at Geeks Lab is one of the focal points of the website. When we started out, we experimented with different types of content, both length and style-wise. We relied on constant feedback from our readers to arrive where we are today, so we could confidently say that the blog is one of the strongest aspects of the website. Our blog owes its popularity to the topics we cover, which are especially chosen for our fellow geeks. If we gladly read it, we know they do too. Engaging topics create the right kind of buzz and add tremendous value to our website.

Guest Posting

Many of our team members are familiar with the guest-posting phenomenon. Guest-posting gives incredible advantage both to the content creator and the website that publishes these posts. One specific team member actually started out his writing career as a guest blogger and we consulted with him at length on whether this could be something worthwhile for us. In the end, we decided to try it for a couple of reasons:

  • We are busy people – The site is now extremely popular. Part of this popularity comes from the fact that many of us created our own shows that we regularly stream to our audience. The creative process is extremely fun, but it also takes away a lot of time. It gets easier with experience, but you cannot cheat on the research. Writing jokes, for example, is extremely hard. As a result, we don’t have as much time for blog posts anymore, and we hope that we can find talented people that would contribute to the website with a unique voice.
  • It is great for the community. We are absolutely sure that our community of geeks hides some extremely gifted individuals who – similarly to us – have a creative streak to them. This is always apparent to us when we read the feedback and messages, and finding new members for our team could bring the whole community aspect to a new level. We are always looking for likeminded talented individuals to join us on our geeky quest for awesomeness.

What You Gain

If you get the gig and start to write for our website, you could count on a number of benefits that could easily further your career and improve your name-recognition as a writer.

Visibility: It’s not all about creating unique content. There are thousands of talented writers out there who cannot make it to the big league, because they don’t have the platform that reaches enough people. You could be the most talented blogger in the world, but if you don’t have the right support behind you, you could be looking at a very slow progress. We firmly believe that talent finds its way, but if you could do it in months instead of years, wouldn’t that be better? Our website attracts 17,000 unique visitors each month, and that number has been growing consistently during the last two years. If you write and publish your post here, you get the kind of visibility that very rarely finds new bloggers.

Name Recognition: This comes from the increased visibility. The more people see your name on the Web, the bigger your name recognition will be. Once you start to create a reputation for yourself as a talented blogger, you could be looking at numerous opportunities, not just with us, but with other sites as well. There are guest bloggers that make a nice living writing for various websites. If you find yourself in all this, please submit a guest post to our blog, and we’ll see if we can help you make it happen.

Blog Topics

We are currently accepting blog posts on the following topics:

  • Blogging
  • Electronics
  • Gadgets and Devices
  • PCs, Laptops, Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Events and Activities
  • Cosplay Conventions
  • Fashion
  • Modern Arts
  • Movies and Related Stuff
  • Comics
  • Superheroes
  • Music
  • Product Reviews
  • Video Games

If you need some ideas, maybe these title suggestions can get your creative juices flowing:

“Is VR Really the Future of Gaming?”

“The Most Influential Gamers Today”

“Mindblowing Futuristic Gadgets We Should Own in the 2020s”

Become Our Star Blogger

You don’t have to be a wordsmith to become a very good blogger. You need a little bit of talent on the writing front, but if you are willing to do the research and sit on some ideas to develop them a little before publishing them, this could be a tremendous opportunity for you to post on one of the most popular geek websites on the Web.