Must-Visit Cosplay Conventions

A construction of the two words costume and play – cosplay is one of the favourite activities of enthusiastic fans. Dressing up as their favourite character from a movie or a video game is a creative endeavour for many and it represents more than just being a admirer of a certain franchise. It is also a license for entering the world of geeks. Cosplayers are the ultimate geeks, and if you are one of them, there are certain conventions that should be on your bucket list. Let’s see the arguably five biggest, most important events.

  1. San Diego Comic Con

While technically it’s not among the five biggest conventions in terms or total attendance, the San Diego Comic Con has to make the list based on sheer importance alone. Whenever a huge movie or television series is set to be released, the stars have to attend the convention to share their experiences with the enthusiastic fans. Entertainment giants such as Marvel and DC are regulars at San Diego Comic Con and most of the fans who participate in the event arrive in costumes specifically made for the occasion. Other franchises that remain intensely popular are Lord of the Rings (learn more about the huge number of characters here to find a good one to dress as) and Star Wars. It’s almost impossible to go to San Diego Comic Con and not see stormtroopers marching around!

  1. New York Comic Con

In 2014, the New York Comic Con had a total attendance of over 150,000 people, making it one of the largest cosplay conventions in the world. Fans from all around the globe converged to the Big Apple to see the biggest stars of the entertainment world. The NYCC has a pre-event called “Super Week” that leads up to the main show, which involves more than a 100 locations around the city.

  1. Lucca Comics & Games

With nearly a quarter of a million attendees, the Lucca Comics & Games is one of the most popular cosplay conventions in the world. It is held in Tuscany, Italy, where the fans can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the central Italian region. In the past, the event was called SaloneInternazionale del Comics, and it wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today. The capacity is growing each year, but even with the increasing capabilities, the demand is always higher, resulting in thousands of fans being left without a ticket.

  1. Gamescon

Gamescon is the world’s second largest cosplay event, and the world’s biggest gaming convention. Year in and year out, more than 300,000 fans meet in Cologne, Germany, to share their profound love for video games, with the vast majority of them dressed in some kind of costume. AAA game developers use the convention to showcase their latest projects, while indie studios are hoping to make people fall in love with their unique ideas. The whole event is a celebration of video games and gaming culture, and fans of the e-arts appreciate every second of it. Playing your favourite video game while wearing the protagonist’s costume? Every geek’s dream.

  1. Comiket

With a rich history that dates back to 1975, Comiket is the largest cosplay convention in the world, routinely luring in half a million fans from all around the globe. There is no other cosplay event that can rival its sheer size and prestige, and this becomes apparent to anyone who visits the site a week before the event. Fans are willing to sleep on the street just so they can be among the first who enter the site when the event starts. It is a remarkable sight and shows just how big this convention is among cosplay enthusiasts. Comiket is also famous for its manga scene. Events related to Japanese superhero manga series like My Hero Academia (check out my hero academia cosplay costumes) are quite interesting to watch. Fans can also find self-published materials and even rare items, which makes the event a worthy destination even for collectors.

Cosplay is a way of life to the younger generation and the 30-something geeks alike, and the above mentioned conventions are events where people can unite and wear their fandom on the outside with pride.