11 essential web design trends for 2017

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From function, color and fonts, 2017 is already the year of great innovative ideas as well as new visual concepts. Web design trends are now all about meeting the user’s needs while producing stunning cutting edge artwork that will help to make sure that you can obtain a great online presence going forward. The need for a good website is essential to the smooth functioning of a business, especially if it mostly operates online. If a business does not have an in-house team working on this aspect of the venture’s marketing, a web design company could be searched for online to get an extensive view of the portfolio. Later, the entrepreneurs could choose the one they deem to be the most fit for the job. So, regardless of whether you hire professional web design agencies like Plenty of Pixels (plentyofpixels.com/locations/web-design-fresno-ca/) to design and create a website for you, or if you decide to do it by yourself, as long as you incorporate the trends listed below, your website will definitely be onto a winner.

  1. Menus to be kept simple by limiting options to three or four as fewer choices guide the user more easily to what they are looking for. Show your menu, don’t hide it.
  2. Gradients are now making a major comeback as they are now big and bold and use plenty of color. Gradients or duotones can be used over busy photos to make text stand out clearly.
  3. Videos with sound are a huge hit as people are now becoming more accustomed to watching videos on their devices. Websites can imitate this experience with a full-on video sound displaying on the homepage. Not everybody who visits a site will welcome videos with sound so display the controls.
  4. Tactile design aims to provide a unified website experience across all platforms. In other words, bold graphic designs with plenty of color to create that flow or sense of unity across the site.
  5. Parallax scrolling is seen now to be too intrusive as it is not valuable where search engine optimization is concerned because load times are significantly increased.
  6. Motion needs to be meaningful so that attention is focused to maintain the flow of information that the user is tuned into.
  7. Stock imagery is available for anyone to use and it seems that in 2017, this trend is coming to an end in favor of high quality imagery that is inviting and reflects the values of the business.
  8. Layouts: designers are now realizing that their ultimate role is to present content in an intuitive, efficient and colorful way. Layouts that let the content or message shine through so that the reader can easily focus on the message without slowing down are the most successful.
  9. Big Bold Type is about a simple yet all-consuming statement about the product or service that is boldly displayed on the screen. These statements are clear and to the point. In the fast-moving world that we inhabit today, these powerful statements will become the main communication statement for all kinds of companies.
  10. Evolution in graphic design: New tools like Flexbox and CSS grid now allow graphic designers, like those at Cefar, to create more expressive layouts on the web. In other words, CSS is improving all the time.
  11. Conversion: one consequence of design is to seek a means of effectively delivering content to the right person at the right time. The goal is to serve up content based on characteristics like:
  • Demographics – who is the visitor and where are they coming from?
  • Behavior – what is the visitor doing now? What have they done on your site in the past?
  • Context – what device and browser is the visitor using? How did they arrive at your site? Are they logged in or logged out?

It is vital that we keep abreast of trends in web design because falling behind could lead to failure and maybe even disaster when it comes to succeeding in business today.