1st Art Oil Reproductions – How to Get the Best Made-to-Order Paintings

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If you are like the majority of art lovers out there, you most likely cannot afford a lot of the paintings you so admire. The best you can probably do is view them when they are on display at museums or galleries. This is understandable when you have a painting like the Mona Lisa valued at about US$620 million and this was back in 2016.

This article here lists some popular paintings and how much they were sold for. With the listed paintings costing from about US$140 million for Jackson Pollock’s no. 5 and US$450.3 million for Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, Salvator Mundi, only about 1% of the world’s population can probably bid for these paintings.

A Solution

Considering how these paintings have become something that most art lovers can only dream of, it was important to find a way to ensure that no one is deprived the pleasures that these wonderful masterpieces have to offer. The answer to this came in the form of the reproduction of these paintings.

You can now get a perfectly reproduced Mona Lisa for a little less than $300. Compare this to the $620 million price tag for the original (which is not even for sale) and you will agree that it’s a steal. Of course, everyone knows it’s not the original Mona Lisa because the original is on permanent display at the Louvre museum in Paris, France.

The Made-to-Order Standard

Getting a reproduction of any of these master pieces requires careful consideration. Some reproductions you will find are so horrible that they will make both Mona Lisa and Leonardo da Vinci weep and seek vengeance from wherever they are.

It’s not enough to get just any wannabe artist to reproduce a masterpiece. You need a company or artist that can deliver the best made-to-order paintings when you need a reproduction that matches every detail of the original or your order.

This is the kind of standard you get with companies like 1st Art oil painting reproductions. As a customer, you get nothing but the best quality of art work. You must therefore ensure you only choose a company that can deliver at this level.

Let’s look at some of the qualities your ideal company should possess.

What to Look out for When Choosing a Reproduction Company

There are a number of things you should be on the lookout for when choosing a company to handle your important art reproduction work. We will briefly look at a couple of them.

Top Class Artists

The company has to only works with the best of the best. Every work should be handled by highly skilled and trained artists to ensure the best result.

Large Gallery

If you’re not sure of exactly what you want, the company should be able to offer you a starting point by way of a gallery of pictures to choose from. This should of course include the world-renowned masters. The more you have to choose from, the more likely you are to find what you need.

Impressive Customer List

You can always tell the quality a company offers by looking at the quality of its clientele. Look for a company with an impressive list of clienteles. You can be sure that the quality of work that will attract and keep a top class of clientele cannot but be the best.


Cost is another major point to consider. Any company you choose should be able to offer very competitive prices.

Unlimited Reviews

Ideally, you should be able to get as much reviews you need to get exactly what you want. For the right company, the work is only done when the client is fully satisfied.

100% Money Back Guarantee

It takes a special kind of confidence to offer a full money back guarantee. If you can find a company that will offer you this type of guarantee, then you are almost certain of getting the best quality of work.

Additional Warranty

This is a great plus to look out for. Considering the possibilities of something going wrong, this type of warranty will ensure you get a replacement or even a refund depending on the terms.

Quality of Delivery

It is important that orders be delivered quickly and safely. Check to ensure that the company’s delivery system is efficient.

Placing an Order

The process of placing your order should also be very simple. An example of a simple order process should look like this:

  1. Browse through the gallery for what you want or place an order for a custom work.
  2. Add your order to your shopping cart and review your order.
  3. Checkout your order and make payments.
  4. After order is confirmed and processed, you get regular updates until order is shipped.

The process should be very simple, and you should be kept in the loop all the way. Remember that you need to approve the painting before it is shipped out to you. If you are concerned about copyright issues, in the U.S there are no copyright issues for paintings from artists who have been dead for up to 70 years. You can read about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_painting_reproduction.