3 Great Free Android Dating Apps

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It’s Valentine’s Day once again! While all the single, young people take a minute to sigh with contentment, let’s not forget that there’s still time for romance (or something more wholesome) before this holiday. They will still be able to pick up some Northcote flowers and have them delivered to their (hopeful) new love. So where to go? Luckily, with this year’s hottest dating apps, there’s no reason to stop dreaming about that perfect date.

However, if they are not someone who is looking for a permanent solution to their dating worries and want to just have some fun during this season of love, maybe they want to go on a milf date or have a random hookup, whichever one they’ve been eyeing, hopefully, these dating apps can help facilitate that. You can try these apps to find local people living close to your location. You can find a person who is looking for no-strings-attached, a night of fun because they are feeling lonely this Valentine’s day. You can ask them to meet for local sex at your home or theirs. If you want to keep it impersonal, you can see each other at a hotel also.

Grindr: Grindr is probably the easiest of the dating apps we’ve talked about here, since it requires nothing more than an ios smartphone–although it does work on both Android and I’m devices. What sets this Grindr apart from other online social networking sites, such as Twitter or Facebook, is that its ” Grind “profile” allows you to type in just what you want (information that would be deemed inappropriate on the aforementioned social networks) and then search for others within your area. If you’re someone who travels a lot or works overseas, Grindr is definitely the dating app for you. If you do meet a romantic connection, you may want to look into how human pheromones can work for you and attract your potential ‘mate’ during this time, so you are able to have fun (as well as be safe) wherever you are.

What makes Grindr so great, aside from its easy interface and ability to find matches within your area, is the fact that it also includes some incredibly fun and interesting features. For example, if you are looking to meet someone new and don’t want to use Grindr, you can set up your profile to search for matches on the site’s mobile website. You can also keep track of how many people you have hooked up with through the Grindr Android app, which you can use as a sort of low level mini profile. All of these features are super easy to get accustomed to, and while they may not be something you find particularly exciting, the ease of navigation and basic functionality makes Grindr one of the most popular dating apps.

iSwipe: One of the more interesting members of the various dating apps out there, iSwipe seeks to combine your smartphone’s social capabilities with the dating app world. If you’ve ever tried to send a friend request on Facebook or on an online messaging platform, you know that sending messages is typically nothing but a major hassle. Fortunately, iSwipe takes things one step further by allowing you to “taunt” someone on the phone by sending a simple message to indicate that you would like to meet them. As well as allowing you to view their profile, you can also view their current availability and find out whether they are available for a date.

Clover: Like Grindr, Clover is a free app that allow you to browse through other users profiles to see if they have any special interests, and you can send them a “taunt” by typing in your own message. Like iSwipe, Clover is free to download and it offers the same basic features as those mentioned above. However, Clover boasts a number of unique features, such as the ability to create unique profiles for different dating sites, access to a photo gallery of your profile to show off your smiley face, and the option to send someone your actual name. Clover is very easy to use and is great for people who want to make the first move in terms of establishing a relationship online with someone special.

Badoo: Another dating app that has been designed with the intention of allowing people to connect online with others who have similar interests, Badoo is also free to download. Unlike the other two dating apps we have looked at, many people have accused Badoo of being nothing more than a search engine for people to view other profiles on ios, however the fact is that there are actually a number of different ways you can interact with other users on the site. If you have an account with Badoo, you will be able to manage your online portfolio and send and receive emails, as well as being able to view the latest messages from other members. Unfortunately, there is no option to browse through other member’s profiles on android, but it is clear that this is a minor issue compared to what the rest of the interface offers.