3 MailChimp Mistakes You Might Not Know You Are Making

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MailChimp is a mass email marketing platform that allows businesses to plan and launch exciting email marketing campaigns. It can be used to talk to clients, customers, and other interested parties and comes with several unique and powerful data analysis tools.

However, while MailChimp is hugely popular and relatively easy to use, there are still common pitfalls that can hold businesses back from reaping the rewards of a successful marketing campaign. So, let us discover 3 MailChimp mistakes and discuss what you can do to avoid them.

Inappropriate Use of Images

Although images can make your emails more eye-catching and can help to convey your message, it is no secret that using too many images can consume excess bandwidth. With more people viewing emails on mobile devices, you need to make sure that you take steps to avoid potential delivery problems. When compiling your emails, you therefore need to be strategic with how you incorporate images within your copy. Try to use images that capture attention without being too distracting. In case you were not aware, any images that are stored in the Cloud can be included into emails using icloud mailchimp integration. You can learn more about this by taking a look at the resources on the PieSync website.

Did you also know that there is a very high chance that the recipient of your email has images turned off in their email app by default? This means that they cannot view images in emails without manually confirming that they want to see an image. Consequently, any text that is superimposed over a background graphic might also prove problematic and show up only as a small empty box. Of course, large graphics can be a fantastic way to impress and dazzle your readers, but you must also include text that describes your offer or message so that subscribers with their images turned off can still access your content.

Failing to Create an Immediate Confirmation or Welcome Email

When a customer, client, or interested party subscribes to your mailing list, MailChimp can send out a confirmation email. The default confirmation email design is relatively basic and impersonal but tends to cover essential details such as the name of the list that has been subscribed to, the date and time, and the subscribed email address. Neglecting to edit this message is a huge missed opportunity. In fact, the first email that you send to a subscriber can be used as an opportunity to ask about any preferences or needs.

Moreover, when a subscriber is at the start of their customer journey with your company, they are more likely to have a positive perception of your brand and are typically more likely to be responsive. Consequently, a better confirmation or welcome email should let your subscribers know what to expect. So, instead of opting for the default format, inform your subscribers how often they will be hearing from you, what kinds of content they will receive, details about any coupons, sales, or special offers, and some contact details. Your email can even vary depending on which group someone joins within your list.

Not Sending Emails Regularly Enough

It might seem intuitive, but if you have told your subscribers that they can expect content on a regular basis then you must fulfill this promise. Whether this information includes special offers, details about upcoming events, or anything else of value, sticking to a set schedule is fundamental. If your emails are hit or miss, or if there is a long delay between messages, there is a possibility that your subscribers might not know when to expect emails from you, and they could even forget about your company or discard your next message.

Consequently, consistency is key. For instance, try to avoid sending a monthly sales email that only serves to advertise a product or service that your subscribers might not even be interested in. Try to make your email marketing strategy more relevant to your audience’s needs and interests. If your messages are not useful, they are much more likely to be treated as spam, and this can have a detrimental impact on your relationships with your customers as well as the reputation of your business. To counter this, set a schedule and let your subscribers know about something specific and relevant in your emails each and every time. Also,

In fact, you can always improve your email marketing efforts by personalizing the emails to each client or by using email finder tools like RocketReach (https://rocketreach.co/) to contact more people. Above all, with careful planning, research, and perseverance, you can avoid common mistakes and get the results that your email marketing campaigns deserve.

In recent years, technology has totally changed how businesses approach marketing their products and services. Automation software can allow business owners to schedule and complete marketing tasks with minimal effort. To learn more, check out this guide to marketing automation tools for small businesses.