3 tech trends we are likely to see before the year is out

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Looking back a decade it is plain to see just how advanced technology has become. 2008 saw the birth of Google chrome, the macbook air and the iPhone 3G. With 2017 consigned to the realms of history, we have our sights set on 2018 and the coming tech advancements that we may be seeing very soon.

The tech experts at Syntax IT Support London take you through our top 3 predictions.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality has been the phrase on every tech fanatic’s lips these past few years, but sadly the technology may not have developed as far as we assumed it would have by now. Of course we have seen the likes of augmented reality brought into our homes through games like Pokemon Go and popular social media platforms like Snapchat, but we have yet to witness the mass production virtual reality headsets that were widely expected. But the truth is we are likely to see this technology develop without the bulky headsets we have long pictured. Augmented reality is set to get bigger, bringing us virtual reality systems that are far more viable. Smart phones are fast including powerful AR technologies. Just take Apple’s ARKit, their latest offering in the realms of virtual reality, allowing a range of apps.

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s VP of Marketing, explains it as such:

“This is the dream of things you wanted to do as far as mixing the digital world into the real world,” he told CNN Tech. “It has so many applications — from shopping and entertainment to things we haven’t even thought about — but it’s been unattainable.”

With Apple and other tech brands clamouring to create the “next big thing”, we are sure to see more and more augmented reality apps integrated seamlessly into our day-to-day life. While glasses have been rumoured to be in the making at apple, as Joswiak puts it for now,”rather than require specialised hardware and … [buying] something new … all you need is an iPhone or an iPad.”

Advances in smart home technology

The announcement of Amazon’s Key was met with some hesitation but it seems we may be coming around to the idea in 2018. For anyone who didn’t hear, the Amazon Key combines a cloud cam and key that allows delivery person’s to access their home to leave their bought goods safely at home. Hot on their tails is Walmart offering a similar smart key service for customers wanting deliveries.

These are just the latest forays into the realm of smart home tech. Already we have smart fridges, thermostats, tank monitors, heaters, lighting systems, and cleaning devices that allow us to oversee and control the workings of our home from one smartphone. With this tech becoming more mainstream, we are likely to see new more competitive versions of devices offering even more convenience at affordable prices.

Robots on the move

Rarely is there a year in tech predictions where we don’t mention robots. This year is no different. Robots are set to take over the hospitality industry. In fact Savioke’s, now famous Relay robot has been working for 3 months in a Las Vegas hotel. Elvis and Priscilla as they are known help out the customer service staff delivering drinks, towels and anything else guests need during peak hours. Relay can pick up orders from the front desk, summon elevators of their own accord and deliver goods just like any other member of the concierge. They are polite enough to call guests’ rooms when they have arrived to their door. Pre-generated maps even allow these robots to roam during lulls in WiFi. With 70 Relays now in use worldwide it is a safe bet that we will see this technology bloom this year.