4 Important Reasons to Start Using a Password Manager

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As a business owner, you almost certainly already understand how important passwords are to protect your network. However, you might not have considered requiring your team members to use password managers, which essentially act as vaults that store all of a user’s passwords securely. Here are just four important reasons why password managers probably make sense for your business.

  1. Eliminates Poor Password Practices

Firstly, making sure your team members use password managers makes it impossible for them to adopt poor practices. It’s not uncommon for employees to write their passwords down or pick things that are easy to guess – many of those passwords will use personal information that can be easily accessed. A password manager will only present your employees with complex passwords that are very hard to hack. This will make profiles more secure when logging in. For example, if you need to log in to your cbr inspection report with Digid (mijn cbr keuringsverslag inloggen met digid) where personal data is stored, make sure the password is stored safely.

  1. No Shared Passwords

One of the problems businesses often face is that access information will need to be held by different people. It can be quite hard to remember several passwords at once, so people often share passwords between applications. If that password is compromised, multiple levels of access will be opened up for malicious users. Password managers prevent that from happening by creating different passwords for each account.

  1. Increased Productivity

A password manager will remember all your passwords, which means your team members won’t have to type them in manually whenever they need to access certain information. If they use the internet a lot, this can take up a lot of time, especially if they need to remember the password. You may even find that people forget their passwords altogether, in which case plenty of time will be lost while it is retrieved.

  1. Prompts Password Changes

Even the strongest password isn’t going to be strong forever, which is why certain programs will prompt you to change at set intervals. Unfortunately, this is often more of a suggestion, so it can be ignored, and, let’s face it, it’s pretty tempting to just keep the same password for years on end. A password manager won’t let your employees play that way. Instead, you can set them to ensure that new passwords must be generated every couple of months.