4 Microsoft Excel Hacks You Need to Know Now

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Did you know, there are some amazing excel hacks that you must know in today’s modern world? There is no doubt that Microsoft Excel is a prominent application that is used by millions of people all over the world. Excel is a program that is used to acquire and maintain spreadsheets in the form of rows and columns. With all the features and other user access that Microsoft Excel provides, do not leave too many competitors in the market who can match the versatility of Microsoft.

While the common knowledge of Excel and other software provided by Microsoft is often something learned as a rudimentary course, there are still many who study the more intricate functions separately. Receiving specialized training could prove to be a useful skill when it comes to certain professions like accountants and online marketers. Training specialists such as AdvantEdge Training & Consulting (https://www.advantedge-training.com/excel-training/) could be contacted to learn the quintessential functions of the software.

However, there are numerous hacks available in excel but listed below are the most commonly used and highly effective ones which will surely help you in saving a lot of time.

Add a drop-down list

When a drop-down list is added to the spreadsheet, a lot of time is saved by preventing users from entering the wrong value. How to add a drop-down list in excel? Following steps will help: First, select the cell where you would want to make your drop-down arrow appear. Then, from the data tab in the header menu, just click on ‘Validation’ option. Lastly, in the ‘Allow’ field, select ‘List’ option and enter the cell address from where it is desired. Well, it is always better to learn excel from some well-known sites as this will help you not only in saving ample time but in organizing your data as well.

Start a new line in a selected cell

Very often there are times when it is required to write long sentences in MS Excel, and there it is required to add a “Line Break” in it. Unfortunately, it is not as easy like MS Word by pressing the enter button. Therefore, to add a new line following keys are used. Pressing Alt + Enter together will help break the line as desired and a separate line in the same cell can be written easily.

Easily remove duplicates

When a huge amount of data is to be handled, it is very common that duplicate information can enter the spreadsheet. Therefore to eliminate or avoid duplicate entries from your work following hack is very effective and is very easy to operate. Follow these steps to make sure all duplicate entries are deleted- first, select all the cells which contain data and click on the ‘Data’ tab. Now, click on ‘Remove Duplicates’ and select the columns or rows where duplicates presence are to be checked and hit OK.

Enter mathematical formulas

Many people use different mathematical formulas like percentage, subtraction, multiplication, addition, etc. in their spreadsheet. But it can be hectic to insert the formula again and again. Therefore, if it is required to use the same formula across the desired rows and columns, it can be easily done. After you have entered the required formula once, click on the cell which carries the total and click on the little green box in the lower right corner. Now, drag it across the desired rows where the same formula is to be applied.

So these were the top 4 hacks in Microsoft Excel which are not only easy to learn but can also lend a hand in saving time. Now, you can use excel in a much better manner.