4 Popular Video Game Logos for Inspiration

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Did you know that a well-designed logo has been proven to increase brand awareness, customer sentiment, and drive more purchases? Your logo is the first thing your customers see, and it can inspire them to pick your product over your competitors.

Video game logos are some of the best examples of quality design. In fact, some video game icons are so well-designed, players get them as tattoos! If you’re planning on designing a logo, it’s worth studying some examples of game logos first.

In this article, we’ll be going through some of the best video game logos for inspiration. Read on to learn more!

1. Skyrim

The Skyrim logo is a perfect example of a logo without text. The logo depicts a dragon with big, stylized wings. It’s styled to be an almost symmetrical diamond shape, with the wings forming the borders.

This logo is both aesthetically pleasing and captures one of the main themes of the game: the return of dragons to Skyrim. While this logo doesn’t incorporate bright colors, it’s still striking and iconic, making it a great example of minimalistic logo design.

The Skyrim logo reminds us that logos don’t have to be complicated to stand the test of time. You can make even simple designs in a custom logo maker that will become synonymous with your brand.

2. Pac-Man

The Pac-Man logo was designed in the 80s and has changed very little since then. Although the logo is a bit retro now, this only contributes to its aesthetic.

The bright colors draw focus without being overwhelming. In addition, the Pac-Man character takes the place of the letter C, which is part of what makes him so iconic. He is both a character and a symbol of the game itself.

Use this classic logo design as an example for color use, font design, and retro style.

3. Atari

The original Atari logo shows some of the best techniques of logo design for companies. It’s simple but still iconic.

The stylized red A in the middle reflects the first Atari game, Pong. The two swooping lines on the outside are the two players, and the centerline marks the middle of the pong court.

It’s also said to represent Mount Fuji! This logo is a great example for gaming companies as it has a lot of meaning packed into a simple design.

4. Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed is another logo that speaks without text. The logo is used in the game as the Assassin’s insignia, which is part of what makes it so easily recognizable.

The logo depicts an eagle skull as viewed from the back. The eagle represents freedom and the predatory assassins themselves. It’s a great example of how to use symbolism to create a brand.

Take Inspiration From These Video Game Logos

As you can see, video game logos offer a wealth of inspiration. Some gaming logos include text while some are stylized symbols, but all of them represent clean, well-designed branding. Browse these logos for yourself, and use them to inspire your own logo creation!

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