5 Countries Where Quality Online Casinos are Real and Legitimate

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While some countries around the world are struggling with gambling, many countries embrace it wholeheartedly and promote the development of both land-based establishments and top quality casino sites. Bookies are well-known in areas where gambling is accepted, in fact, there is now sports bookie software available to keep everything all together and managed. In China, the gambling business in Macau is actively developing; this is where everyone, who wants to spend money and play their favorite roulette and slot machines, comes. Rich gamblers find an outlet there. At the same time, any kind of gambling activity is prohibited in the rest of China.

This is similar to the U.S., where you can easily enjoy sites like Blackout Bingo in some states, whereas in other states (such as Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, and South Dakota according to these Blackout Bingo reviews) you cannot access them. This can be rather frustrating for those in states where these sites are not accessible. On the other hand, in some countries, casinos are fully legit. In short, this article is a guide to the world’s legitimate casinos.

  1. Bahamas

In the Bahamas, you can try your luck at the luxurious gambling houses of the Crystal Palace Casino and Atlantis. Many famous personalities, including Michael Jackson, preferred the second casino. It has about 900 slot machines, 75 gaming tables, and many pokies that can make you rich. Visitors are invited to try poker, blackjack, or roulette. Meanwhile, activity at legit online casinos is also welcome. All winnings can be easily withdrawn.

  1. Greece

Back in Ancient Greece, gambling gained considerable popularity. Although it was illegal entertainment. Today, the country is favorable towards gambling and has about a dozen casinos. The prosperity of the gaming industry helps the country overcome the crisis. Visitors will get access to 400 slots and 60 gaming tables. Clients can try to win money by playing roulette or by playing cards. As for the best legitimate casinos, they are also accepted in the state.

  1. Netherlands

There is a National Fund for the Exploitation of Gambling in the country. This body consists of 14 offices. In the Netherlands, the gambling business began to develop in 1976, when the first gambling house was founded. All casino income is given to the state budget. Thus, it’s no wonder that gambling establishments, including quality casinos, flourish there.

  1. Britain

This kind of activity has existed in Britain for a long time, but it has begun to be regulated only recently. In 2005, the Gambling Law was introduced, and gambling has switched to legitimate status. For this, a special Commission on Gambling was created. It is entitled to control this sphere in the country and issues (or not) permits and licenses. Licenses issued by UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) are frequently found on legit casino sites. It is a reputable international regulator for online gambling activity.

  1. Philippines

The country decided on the legislative regulation of the gambling business. This led to a boom in quality online casinos. Now the profit of the state is 25 billion US dollars per year, which allows employing thousands of citizens. Only in Manila, the capital of the country, online casinos cover a large market segment.

If you register an account with the domain of one of these countries, you can freely develop a gambling career. Offline experience is available for country visitors. The above-mentioned states are favorable towards gambling. Thus, players feel relaxed and secure there.