5 Tech Gadgets Every Geek Should Have

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A true geek is always under pressure trying to keep up with the latest technology in the market. That means he or she will endeavor to have a set of gadgets that average consumers would not consider buying at the moment. Tech gadgets really make life worth living. And using them at home or carrying them around is just pure fun. So when shopping around for tech stuff, you should consider having these 5 gadgets on your list:

1. Wireless Gaming Keyboards

Gaming is no doubt a fun-filled activity. But it can be demanding too. Using your ordinary QWERTY keyboard in gaming can only be frustrating if not embarrassing. So you shouldn’t just sit there and watch your gaming character lagging behind or being beaten to death by the villains or trolls. Simply get a wireless gaming keyboard and game on as the geek that you are.

A wireless gaming keyboard has the right key combinations that can help you shoot, kick or pull a stunt quite effortlessly. Apart from the speed that comes with this kind of keyboard, it also allows you to game from any comfortable distance and position, without having to worry about wires and/or cables. You should also consider getting a wireless mouse so as to enjoy even greater convenience in your gaming experience.

2. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Listening to music on headphones or earphones is purely a personal experience. And sometimes background noises like a rumbling plane, car horn, noisy crowd or rowdy spectators may jeopardize your otherwise sweet or relaxing music experience. So what better way can there be to get rid of the audio clutter around when travelling or up and about your activities in town than getting yourself a pair of noise-cancelling headphones?

Designed with a miniature microphone and noise cancelling circuitry, noise-cancelling headphones are capable of blocking up to 80 dB of outside noises. That means you can listen to your favorite tracks or even sleep in noisy environments without any distraction. This is truly a must-have gadget for any geek.

 3. Digital Projector

The emergence of 4K smart TVs has no doubt revolutionized the moving watching experience. But since most of these new TVs feature top-of-the-line screens, you’ll have to part with extra cash to get them. But why spend more while you can use a digital projector to show your laptop or smartphone on large surfaces?

The latest digital projectors allow users to watch movies during day even without blacking out the windows. That means you can enjoy an immersive movie watching experience with family and friends at home, whether it’s day or night. Watching movies on holiday can never get any better with digital projectors.

4. Bluetooth Tracking Stickers

Ultra small stickers with Bluetooth are a great way to keep track of your valuables whenever you displace or lose them. A classic example of Bluetooth Tracking sticker is the StickNFind, which is synced with StickNFind app to keep track of any item. Whether it’s your wallet, power bank, note book or car keys, the gadget will help you locate it in minutes. A geek should not definitely miss this.

5. Mini Charts

A mini chart is not really a gadget but a powerful tool used in analytics. While you can use fully-fledged charts to create titles, graphs and axes when analyzing data for the organization, the process can be quite tiring. As a geek, you can always simplify your analytics tasks using mini charts. The charts can really come in handy when representing such data as periodic revenue/budget numbers, rainfall performance, snowpack depths and/or rate of social media subscriptions. It’s among the tools you must have as an accountant or corporate guy who wants to simply the analytics of the organization.

Keeping tabs on the latest technology is never that easy. But when you have knowledge on the gadgets and products you need to watch out for, you can pursue your geeky life in a hassle-free manner. The five gadgets highlighted above keep experiencing more improvements and there’s more you can expect from the manufacturers. Being a geek isn’t just a hobby but a passion. That’s why every geek out there will strive to have a set of these gadgets plus many other tech products because it simply a way of life. It is definitely time to get geeky!