7 Ways to Become a More Creative Blogger

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Contrary to the popular belief, people working in creative industries do have it difficult. They can often be plagued by the motivation to become – and stay – original. Whether you are drawing, painting, writing or doing anything similar – achieving a level of creativity you are comfortable with will take time and also always be open to complaint trends as they can really help you out.

Take blogging for example. When starting, you might wonder what the ways are that will make what you are writing interesting for readers. You will consider special writing techniques or a Monday alternative software to manage your posts. And although all of these have their place – and are an essential part – would you believe us if we told you that getting better at blogging is not too hard? This is why today we are sharing 7 amazing ways in which you too can become a more creative blogger.

Understand that blogging is a growing process

One of the first things that you need to realize is that this process will take some time. No one can become a creative blogger overnight – it is not something you are born with, no matter how much you believe it might be. Instead, you need to learn how to do it – and the best way for this is through experience.

So, practice, practice, practice! Read up on different blogging and writing techniques, look around for exercises that can help you write better, but most of all – keep writing. Creating your unique voice will come naturally as you go. With it, you too will grow and develop. However, for it to happen you need to arm yourself with patience.

Always keep exploring

The second thing to understand about becoming a more creative blogger is that it doesn’t only take practice. This seems like it’s contrary to what we previously said, but it actually goes parallel to it. As well as practicing, you also need to explore.

So, make sure that you venture out into the world and see what other creative bloggers have to offer for you. Read their articles as well as various ways to become a more creative blogger (what you already are doing). Don’t worry – this isn’t “stealing”. You are adopting ideas and knowledge, and reshaping them through a personal spectrum, thus getting a new idea completely.

Bring back the old stuff!

Sometimes, though, the road to becoming a more creative blogger is not the one you walk forward – but back. To be truly successful, you need to find a way to come up with new ways to do old stuff! This way, you can come up with amazing and original ideas that you never even dreamed of!

There is an excellent exercise that illustrates this. All you need to do is take a paperclip and come up with at least a dozen new things to use it for. Sadly, adults often have difficulties doing this, while children can come up with more than a hundred different ideas! Try to apply a similar process for blogging – rework your old ideas into something fresh and exciting!

Mix up two ideas to create a new one!

Another thing that you can do is play a mad scientist – instead of playing with just one idea, start working with two or more! These ideas do not even need to work together! Finding your own way to make it work is what makes a difference between creative bloggers – and those who are not!

Random writing can help you beat the writer’s block

One of the biggest issues that plague prospective bloggers is the writer’s block. This notorious thing will make you look at a blank page for hours without being able to type a word! Luckily, you are not alone in this – and there is so much advice out there you can take!

One of the best ways is to start writing randomly. This will make all your creative juices flow and you might end up with something new and interesting! And if you did not all you need is to just delete everything and start from scratch now that you are refreshed. If this still does not work, then you can try doodling. Your subconscious might be able to find a way to help you with this creative shift! If you need help with free-flow writing, you can loosen your senses a bit. Certain enhancing products (check this out) could help you find your creative trigger and get you started with your writing.

Let things distract you

Think about the last time you came up with a new idea. A lot of people will say that this was in the shower. Others come up with their best ideas before they fall asleep or while taking a jog. This is because focusing on other things can greatly help with problem-solving.

When you have a task, you might spend too much energy focusing on it. This only leads to more frustration – and doesn’t really help. So, again, by shifting focus, you will not actively work on the problem. Instead, your brain will work on it in the background and come up with creative ideas that might surprise you.

Cut the cutting process down

Finally, one of the best ways to become a more creative blogger is to let your creativity run free. You can only do this is you postpone the editing process until you are done writing. A lot of writers fall way too easily on editing and get stuck in this process. Even some of the most famous authors are plagued by constant needs to edit in their wish to remain good or original.

But this process only slows you down and breaks your creativity. So, edit nothing until you already have a copy of the whole thing, no matter how rough it is. This will speed up your writing process and make you a more creative blogger!

About the author: Petar Djordjevic is an up-and-coming blogger-to-be. While studying for his master’s degree in General Mathematics, he splits his time between learning as much as he can about writing and theater, and working as content creator at Nifty, the perfect tool for managing your projects.