A Brief History On Street Furniture Businesses

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In line with all industries, the street furniture market has come a long way over the years to get to where it is today. As the way we live evolves to suit growing demand or meet technological advancements, our surroundings need to adapt accordingly. From traditional concrete bollards and wooden benches to a whole host more offerings, the outdoor world around us looks different as decades pass.

Meeting transport demand

Over the years, the number of vehicles on the road has increased hugely. From cars and bikes to commercial lorries and public transport, the number of road users that pass on a daily basis requires a high level of management to maintain safety. As we have developed as a nation, the integration of road signs, barriers, and every single bollard post means that all road users are aware of the direction of traffic, road regulations and no entry zones to avoid any incidents. By introducing street furniture into our road systems, this enhances safety for pedestrians as well as motorists, separating walk ways from roads to reduce the chance of any fatal collisions.

Health and safety standards

The introduction of health and safety regulations has meant that all businesses and public spaces have had to adapt to consider the well-being of staff and visitors alike. Nowadays, employers work tirelessly to ensure that they have offered safety gear like boots, gloves (which can be purchased from unigloves.co.uk), and hard hats to ensure that no worker suffers injury due to an accident. Likewise, pieces of machinery and equipment are constantly checked for any issues. They are maintained at regular intervals for proper functioning. Alternatively, employers also offer services that are needed to ensure the health of their employees at all times.

In fact, some companies have taken this one step further and have introduced the idea of onsite clinics – you can find more information at places like https://www.edenhealth.com/blog/onsite-clinic/, to allow employees to have easy access to these services when or if they need to. As such, workplaces now have much healthier employees, and this all came about when the Health and Safety at Work Act was introduced.

The Health and Safety at Work Act was brought in in 1974 and ensures that employers put the necessary procedures in place to cover the health and safety of each and every employee in the case of an incident. From reflective bollards to alert vehicle users of their presence and block entrance to door barriers that prevent customers from being in the area where automatic doors open, ensuring all the necessary precautions are taken will require street furniture to be installed. In the event of an injury, it’s highly useful for there to be first aid kits positioned strategically around the premises or even kept in the vehicles of workers – view publisher site to learn about the range of kits, products within them, and how to use them properly in response to a medical emergency.

Enhancing security measures

Now more than ever, we all have to take additional measures to keep ourselves and our properties safe. Securing the site of the business to only allow authorised personnel will not only ensure that everyone’s safety is considered, but will also prevent the risk of theft or illegal activity. Security gates and turnstiles are an efficient way to control entry and measure entries at all entrances to the business grounds. As well as ensuring the business is secure, offering security measures for visitors to the site is a great way to help customers and employees. For example, a bike shelter or cycle racks will allow people to lock up their bikes when away so they are kept safe and offer peace of mind all day long.

Keeping the place tidy

Although a litter bin is not considered a piece of modern life, they have come a long way over the years. In past decades, there were a limited amount of public bins and often these were combined with grit bins used for roads and walkways. Nowadays, litter bins are a standard part of public spaces and help us keep our environment clean and tidy. As well as this, the option to offer recycling options in public spaces is a great step in the right direction for our planet.