A Pleasant Stay in Latvia for Casino Games Fans

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The capital of Latvia – the city of Riga was famous for its huge hospitality at all times. It has always been in great demand among tourists from all over the world. This is due to many different factors. So Riga has a very rich history, which is fully reflected in the priceless historical heritage located in this country. There are a huge number of architecture monuments and art objects and all kinds of historically valuable sights. Modern sights in their originality and popularity are also not inferior to historical ones. In addition, Riga is rich in natural beauties and places for a wonderful pastime. A special city pride are various establishments for an interesting and fun holiday. These include numerous bars, cafes, restaurants, night clubs, discos and, of course, casinos.

Today in Riga there are a lot of gambling establishments, but not all of them differ in a cozy atmosphere, high-quality service and a wide range of gambling. Not so long ago, laws were passed that require improving the quality of the casino. Some establishments will be closed so that only the best remain. One of the few complexes that works in the VIP niche and which has not been affected by changes in laws is SL. This is one of the units of Shangri La (Darren Keane is the director), the famous international network with a high level of trust.

What do VIP casinos in Latvia offer?

Among the games that can be found in the best casinos in Riga there are various types of poker and roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat and even bingo. All gambling halls are equipped with modern slot machines, slots with huge screens and several electronic games.

In recent years, junket tours to Latvian casinos have gained immense popularity all over the world. It is this kind of tours that offers its guests one of the best casinos in Riga – “SL Casino”.

This gambling establishment is located at the Kempinski 5* hotel, which is considered to be the most elite hotel in Riga and has a century and a half history. It is located in the Riga center in a luxurious 19th-century building. The windows of this building overlook a quiet picturesque corner of the capital. It is this hotel that accommodates all guests who have arrived on a junket tour at SL Casino.

Today, this casino offers its guests games such as roulette, Caribbean, Texas and Russian poker, blackjack, as well as numerous slot machines. For privileged guests there is a separate VIP-hall where you can make especially high bets and receive huge wins.

When participating in a junket tour, the exchange deposit for chips is at least 2-5,000 €. At the same time, payments, for example, in Russian poker, can reach astronomical amounts if the player is lucky. It is especially worth noting that in the event of a complete loss, a junket tour participant can receive a refund of a certain percentage of the amount spent on bets.

However, the variety of games and the great atmosphere of the casino in Riga are not the only gaming tour advantages. Guests for the gaming chips cost get a lot of features for free. Thus, the casino pays for the guest transfer and hotel accommodation, meals in the restaurant and drinks, participation in institution events and excursions. Any additional services may be included in the service upon agreement. It is enough to inform the manager of Storm International, Darren Keane said, about your wishes.

The game tour is a great opportunity to get to know the beautiful Riga, one of the most beautiful European capitals. As part of the junket, the guest should spend only a few hours in the halls of the unit. All the rest of the time you can spend at your own discretion, but in Riga there is something to see and there is where to go for impressions and shopping. Worth trying!