An article on smoking accessories that reserves judgement

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A non judgemental article

It is very unusual to read anything about smoking without being bombarded by all the negative factors that are associated with the habit. As all educated people will be aware, smoking is proven scientifically to be bad for your heath and many governments run campaigns to help smokers kick the habit.

However, there are many people who choose to continue to smoke regardless of the health warnings that are given out. Many people enjoy the habit and have no desire to give it up. They might argue, after all, that other habits can be just as dangerous. From drinking alcohol to even extreme activities like bungee jumping, few hobbies are completely risk-free.

As a result of the dangers associated with smoking, society has overwhelmingly made a shift to ostracising and shunning those that continue to smoke. Smokers are often made to feel bad about a habit that they very much enjoy. Additionally, in most countries, smokers are instructed to leave public premises to enjoy any tobacco products. This is probably why many smokers nowadays wish to explore smoke-free alternatives (like Ace) that even come in different flavors so that they can potentially avoid this type of embarrassment.

This blog aims to reserve judgement in regards to smoking, yet it does not want to glorify the habit either. Instead the purpose is to provide a factual update about smoking accessories that are available to purchase online.


As many smokers decide to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle, there is one extremely popular alternative to smoking traditional tobacco. Vaping is a form of inhaling nicotine without inhaling some of the tobacco. This alternative to traditional smoking has been heralded as a safer, better option with many reporting that vape shops are the way of the future.

You can browse a range of vape products from Vape City. This brand is well know for simple and basic designs but also high quality products.

Glass accessories

Glass is an alternative to traditional smoking accessory materials, such as plastic or wood, and one which you may not have yet considered. Due to the nature of the way that glass is manufactured, many such products are unique and timeless. However, there are many glass based smoking products that push the boundaries into novelty and amusement. There appears to me almost no limits to the imagination of some designers in creating unusual and hilarious smoking accessories. For example, Smoke Cartel offer accessories designed in the shapes of fruit and even science beakers!

Smoking Mittens

Most smokers are usually directed outside to enjoy a cigarette. In many countries this is not necessarily an issue as the climate can be warm and being outdoors is usually an enjoyable thing. However, this is not the case for many smokers that live in areas which have a cold winter. Smoking outdoors when it is chilly outside can be extremely miserable. To combat some of this discomfort, manufacturers have started creating smoking mittens. These are unique devices that allow you to keep your hands warm whilst you smoke. Genius!

Nicotine Pouches/Snus

Now, bare with us here. Nicotine pouches aren’t technically smoking, so many smokers may turn their nose up at this. But ultimately, the biggest reason people smoke (or at least continue to smoke) is because of a nicotine addiction. Nicotine pouches and snus – a smokeless tobacco product – are an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco that still quenches the thirst for nicotine. Shiro is a popular brand of snus that you might want to take a look. If it is the physical act of smoking that you enjoy, you could always combine these pouches with smoking or vaping. The options are endless!