Apps to Take Your Cosplay to the Next Level

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Playing dress-up is not just for kids. Adults can do it too, have just as much fun, and make some incredible art in the process. Still, if you want to look like your favorite comic book or anime character, you might find at least a couple of bumps on the road. Tailor-made costumes can be awfully expensive, and creating your own is likely to eat up an incredible amount of your precious time. Still, there is no need to feel discouraged. Experience shows me that you can still be a successful cosplayer without blowing a hole in your bank account. You can look into websites like hell horror, where you may get suggestions on affordable costumes and film-inspired gear for a theme like horror. By exploring various options in the market, you can improve your experience and performance in cosplay.

Make your ideas come alive even if you’re just starting sewing

If you are just entering the world of cosplay, you might want to avoid spending an enormous amount of money at first. Make an effort to truly understand the creation process from within. Carve out a portion of your schedule and learn how to sew. It is possibly the best creative decision I have ever made. With a bit of practice, you can soon start to create your own looks and even sew for other cosplay models. The internet is your friend here. Believe it or not, I often rely on my smartphone to obtain patterns, store cosplay ideas and keep track of my expenses. I also have a pretty substantial database of cosplay characters to draw inspiration from.

Learn more about the character if you think your cosplay is not believable enough

Regardless of whether you’re doing cosplay as a guy or a girl, the possibilities are practically endless. I get my ideas from current superhero blockbusters as well as some pretty obscure manga. One trick to do it well is to stay in character when cosplaying. I know it sounds silly but you wouldn’t believe it how big a difference this can make and how much more believable someone’s look will be if they make an effort to embody the character. Doing this doesn’t require Shakespearean acting lessons. Just be sure to do your research, learn more about the character, and you’ll be off to a good start. Have fun with it.

Find a cosplay convention near you & avoid driving for miles

Of course, the pinnacle of the experience is bound to be attending some of the biggest cosplay conventions. There are plenty of them around and you probably won’t need to drive for miles. Having an app that allows you to connect with cosplayers near you can be of great help. You will be informed of the events in time, know when to start preparing your next look and get a chance to meet others at popular cosplay conventions. I know the process sounds like it has a lot of steps but, once you get the hang of it, it actually becomes comparatively easy and very enjoyable. While doing my research for my next look, I found a list of apps that can be really useful if you’re trying to take your cosplaying to the next level.

Top Apps for Becoming Better at Cosplaying

These have helped me save a good deal of time and achieve better creative results.


Embodying a character from your favorite computer game or anime is an incredibly fun experience. The creative process, however, is not smooth sailing for any beginner. You will need to learn to sew, get good ideas, learn how to truly inhabit the character you’re portraying and so much more. Still, I have found that, if you systemize the process into bite-sized steps and use all the available technology for it, you will have a much easier time becoming the star of your next cosplay convention.