Benefits of spin bikes for seniors and elderly

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Staying physically active gets challenging as one grows older. Body aches, low energy levels, lack of motivation, and inability to do tough workouts are a few factors that affect a person’s exercise schedule. But, when you have a reliable spin bike, building endurance and strength doesn’t remain challenging.

Cycling is an excellent full-body workout for every age group as it doesn’t pose any balance or posture risk. If you are near or above 50, it’s the best time to bring home a spin bike and make cycling a habit. The best spin bikes out there come with adjustable resistance, well-balanced design, and comfortable seats to support older adults by all means.

Nevertheless, you may still want to consult your regular doctor before starting on any strenuous exercise, or even if it’s just a bit of cycling. Although there are no major health risks associated with using spin bikes, it might still be prudent to let your them know, especially if you are suffering from chronic pain or any other conditions. If, however, you live in a senior care living facility, they might already conduct regular exercise sessions that incorporate spin bikes as well, so you can participate in those as long as it’s approved by your doctor.

If you have never worked out and recently planned to add some healthy activities in your lifestyle, no worries, because it’s never too late. When you maintain a healthy exercise and diet routine, your old age will become more comfortable. Studies have proved that regular exercise improves physical and mental health in older adults alike.

Here’s why getting on a spin bike should be your next goal:

  • Low-impact workout

Strenuous workouts don’t sit well when we talk about older adults because their bodies cannot tolerate that pressure. We lose muscle mass with age, and certain bone weaknesses also arise, limiting our everyday activities. Therefore, opting for a low or medium impact exercise is a sane approach towards better health. If you (or your parents) have crossed the 50s, make cycling a routine, and you’ll surely see gradual improvements in your body.

Since osteoporosis is a common ailment in adults, they cannot walk or jog freely, which negatively impacts their energy levels. But, when working out at home is feasible, it boosts their morale and prevents fat accumulation.

  • Safe alternative

We shouldn’t expect every senior citizen to run marathons or do rope skipping because no two humans are the same. Some might have health conditions that require them to stay in a senior assisted living community, and others wouldn’t need any additional support system. If we force older adults for more challenging workouts, they cannot make it a routine and quit. But, indoor cycling is one safe and comfortable exercise that removes most hurdles from their way.

The chances of injuries are negligible in indoor cycling compared to treadmills or weight supporting equipment. If somebody in your family is hesitant to develop a healthy lifestyle, introduce them to spin bikes and see them getting comfortable with it.

Also, if somebody struggles with balancing or maintaining a healthy posture, paddling helps with that. When your spin bike offers safety, it motivates the senior fellows to opt for this challenge. A recumbent spin bike is ideal for people with lower back pain, posture issues, and weaker joints, as it doesn’t stress them out. However, if you have recently undergone hip replacement or Sciatica Surgery, it might be wise to seek advice from your doctor before exercising on such equipment.

  • Adjustable resistance

If someone has an injury history or a relatively weaker body part i.e., knees, he/she must not exert any pressure on it to avoid further troubles. When your work out has too much momentum, the muscles don’t get space to contract or build resilience, impacting your body in the long run.

Hence, older adults are always advised to go slow and gradually develop their stamina for exercising. Spin bikes let you select a resistance level according to your stamina, health, and energy levels, making it a doable workout for every age group. If you feel burned out after squats or running, switch to a moderate-level exercise, i.e., spin biking, and give your body the due time to adapt.

It’s never late to start something that makes your life more comfortable as you grow older.

If you aren’t working out, start indoor cycling, and your body will adjust to it within weeks. Also, if you exercise regularly and need something more manageable post-50s, indoor cycling is the answer.