Best PS4 Games We’ve Seen in 2019

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2019 has seen a bunch of great releases in the gaming sphere, and it is a great feeling to watch game developers take on challenges and endeavors which requires a huge chunk of resources in developing brand new game engines and redefining genres as well as exploring into new ventures. And needless to say, gamers around the world were given a multitude of new gaming experiences this year. PS4 gamers have seen a multitude of releases for the console, either as exclusives or multiplatform releases. And it’s just the middle of the year! So, what are the best games to be played on the PS4 so far for this year? And by the way, you might want to stash up on PSN credits before we get started with the list!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Right off the bat, we’ll start off the list with a game that demands so much from you, it has caused strong emotions to reverberate around the globe. From anger to acceptance, Sekiro will push your skills to the edge. And if you think for a second that your Dark Souls experience will help, considering Sekiro was developed by the same studio, you’re in for a treat. Sekiro employs different combat mechanics compared to Dark Souls and even Bloodborne. Players are required to ruthlessly attack and defend with every tool. Sekiro also features more liquid movement mechanics compared to other titles in the same genre. And it borrows themes from ancient Japan and added its own story elements to spice things up. It’s safe to say, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the evolution of the genre as we see more and more upgraded experience in that particular genre.

 Devil May Cry 5

DMC 5 reminded gamers that just because it consists of a linear progression, you could still get an awesome experience out of it. Devil May Cry 5 has proved that it still outperforms games with no clear direction or even stale, leaving gamers with a stale and disposable gaming experience. It’s not just that the combat has more finesse, it’s also how one can execute a stylish finishing blow, and that’s important. A reward that Capcom understands. DMC 5 revolves around the usual characters as well as intriguing new ones. Satisfying boss battles, a good and steady levels of challenges all around, the level designs are kept to steadily increase the difficulty curve. Another great Devil May Cry experience that you should try today!

Resident Evil 2

Remakes are always a tricky thing to do. Some remakes would seem like an excuse for a quick cash grab when the final product isn’t a satisfying experience. But that’s not the case with the remake of the 1998 hit game. Resident Evil 2 released January this year brought in a lot of refreshing updates to the game. Overhauled graphics, smoother game mechanics, and an enhanced terror experience now that you could see much clearer shuffling horror trying to kill you. The plot and circumstances, as well as the main characters stayed the same, with some tweaks to the overall game story. Gamers will also see that the focus was given more on the exploration aspect a well level design. So, prepare yourself to engage with your environment while actively trying to look over your shoulder so you don’t get jumped by the aforementioned shuffling horror.

Metro Exodus

Another legendary franchise which has seen the latest release this year, Metro Exodus features a great combination of nuclear aftermath and dystopian society. But instead of a Western setting, we get to experience it in what used to be Mother Russia. Factions with different goals, the revival of evil ones from the past all emerge to provide the gamer obstacles and objectives to overcome in the quest of unearthing the environment around them. Face mutant foes with weapons built out of scraps. And this time around, you won’t be scurrying about in the tunnels underground. You’ll be exposed in the wide-open spaces of the outside. But there are obviously monsters and people that are still going to try and kill you. Help Artyom finish his final leg of his journey, with his legs still attached if possible.

Days Gone  

Like everybody else, I had my doubts with the zombie genre. Overdone and too repetitive, perhaps it was time for game companies to let that particular theme to cool off. But then again, Days Gone proved it wrong when we get to experience a real zombie horde rushing towards your character. With more interactable objects inside the game, players can now concoct creative ways to handle their zombie horde problem. Aside from a totally new zombie experience, gamers are also treated with satisfying motorcycle gameplay in a post-apocalyptic world. You will also encounter unsavory groups of people who will try to make your life difficult with their shenanigans. The solution? Same rule with the zombie, double tap ‘em.

Rage 2

I’ll admit, I don’t really remember anything from the first Rage game. Not like it was a bad game. It was just like any other game from that era, the story isn’t as moving, although the gameplay was just fine. Now upping the stakes and introducing a larger world, Rage 2 blasted into the scene with neon colors and crazed enemies. Rage 2 basically reminds me of the new Mad Max film. Although, you’ll be fighting mutants mostly. You’ll be tasked to hunt down these mutants and clear out the area. It’s basically a shoot em up type game, but with awesome power-ups. The visuals paired with combat mechanics gives a satisfying action output. You will definitely feel the pinch when the enemies try to overwhelm you. There is also vehicle-based adventuring, and you can also use it to take out enemies. Rage 2 is a perfect game when you feel like experiencing something more direct. No hidden whatever, just shoot anything that comes at you.

Mortal Kombat 11

Let’s be honest. It’s great when games do not pretend to be something that they aren’t and stick to their core game. We’re playing this game for anything else except to beat your opponent to a pulp and executing your brutal finishing moves. That’s what we loved about the older games and why we often turn to gaming sites similar to Gamulator ( to relive those old games and the joy they brought us when we first experienced them. And boy oh boy did they find new ways to make new finishing to be extra gory and over the top killing blows. Mortal Kombat 11 features better combat mechanics, an interesting story which meshes the old and new, as well as some customization available in the game, allowing you to make your character your own killing machine. But then again, the only reason people buy this game is to get that satisfaction of brutally finishing off their opponent. 

PS4 has seen a great number of new games that seem to have transcended the gaming experience. Some games provide a better and upgraded experience while some straight up came up with experiences we’ve never seen before. Nevertheless, the console will be seeing more releases coming this year. So, treat yourself with these games, get your PSN credits topped up and get your gaming on today!