Buy Mobile Phone Number from HotTelecom

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What could be better than the possibility to stay in touch with your family and control the business anytime regardless of your current location? Such a perspective seems to be quite attractive. Fortunately, today, it is possible to realize it if you buy mobile phone number.

What Is a Virtual Mobile Phone Number?

A virtual mobile number is the same phone number as a traditional one, but it is not registered to a fixed or VoIP telephone/network. Such a mobile number is tied to a certain mobile device or mobile network.

Therefore, you can use this number in any country. All you need to have an opportunity to communicate is your mobile phone or an accessible Internet.

Virtual numbers are also known as SIP-phones because they function in accordance with the SIP protocol. When you use a virtual number, all your calls and SMS are encrypted, and there is no access for third parties to your personal information and correspondence materials.

Moreover, such a number allows increasing your productivity. With a virtual phone number, it is possible to have two or more telephone conversations at the same time and distribute calls between available operators.

How to Get a Virtual Mobile Number?

To avoid fakes and receive a quality product, it is reasonable to use the services of such reputable and experienced companies as HotTelecom.

There are several simple steps that you should make to receive a HotTelecom virtual number:

  • Register on the official website and create an account.
  • Point your region and select a number.
  • Define the direction for call forwarding (phone, email, messenger, etc.)
  • Make a payment for the chosen service in accordance with a tariff plan.

A HotTelecom number assures convenience of use, simple integration with CRM systems, high level of privacy and security, increased efficiency, and new communication possibilities.