Do Computers Frighten You?

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Do computers frighten you? If so, do not think you are on your own, there is even a name for this fear. Cyberphobia is the fear of computers, or of working on them, and it is a name that was first coined back in 1985. Most phobias are usually triggered by a traumatic event, often at an early age, but it is thought that brain chemistry and genetics can also combine with life experiences to cause a phobia.

The Symptoms Of Cyberphobia

The symptoms of this fear of computers are pretty much like any other phobia. They usually include a dread of going near a computer, which causes anxiety, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea, dry mouth and shaking. For someone who has no problems with computers, it may be hard to understand how a person can have such an aversion to them, but for the sufferer it is a very real fear.

It is thought that one of the reasons for Cyberphobia is the fear of doing something wrong and losing all the data the computer holds. If the hardware should fail, a loss of valuable information can be lost, and the sufferers of this phobia often think it must be their fault. The secret is to protect the data with backups on a regular basis. For some people with this problem, that knowledge will help them on the road to overcoming their fear of computers.

The Importance Of Backup Security

Losing all your financial data, or maybe your trade secrets if you are a business, can cause enormous problems. It is why it is best to visit sites like to find out your options to make sure you can retrieve any lost data should it be lost. It could be that you lose sentimental things such as family photographs. Backups of your data are vital to prevent this happening, but what do you do if the hardware totally fails and you lose everything?

Really the only option is to contact someone like Secure Data Recovery, as they have the knowledge and expertise to save the day.

Treatment of Cyberphobia

There are many phobias where you can avoid the object of your fear. However, with computers and digital devices becoming more and more a part of everyday life, just avoiding them is becoming increasingly difficult. You may never be totally cured of Cyberphobia, but there are some things you can do to help you cope with it:

  • Don’t rush. Approach computers and the Internet slowly. Having a friend with you that understands your problem can be useful, and get them to start the process of guiding you through the processes.
  • Take some classes to learn more about them as a lot of the fear is from the unknown.
  • Start with basic tasks such as writing an email to someone you know and do not move on to anything new until you are comfortable with each piece of software you use.

Cyberphobia can be overcome to a large extent by getting used to computers slowly and achieving small tasks. The sense of achievement you will feel if you manage to beat your fear will be worth it, and in this technological age it may just help you in your work life.