Does Your Company Need a Smart Card System?

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Regardless of the industry that you are in, it might be wise to consider a smart card system for your company. All the security you need without the need for fancy gadgets, devices or apps. They have many applications and can easily be adjusted to meet some of the needs of your employees. If you are considering introducing a smart card system to your company, here are some of the considerations that might help to sway you.

Access Control

One of the primary reasons why you might be considering a smart card system is for access control (for more info, click here!). While coded locks are popular amongst many different companies, they often don’t offer the same level of security that a smart card-programmed lock might.

If you have sensitive information or equipment that you need to control access to, introducing a system with MIFARE classic cards or some other variation could be a great move for your business. Firstly, you have the guarantee that this equipment is indeed safe and protected. Secondly, you get to control who has access to it at all times. If there is a breach, the data from the cards will be able to tell you which card was the one used.

In a hybrid world, data moves from on-premises servers to the cloud services to offices, homes, cars, and sometimes even coffee shops with open hot spots, making it difficult to enforce access control. According to the type and sensitivity of data being processed, organizations must determine the appropriate access control model (to review some options, see this Fortinet resource) to use. In order to respond dynamically to shifting risk factors, a sophisticated access control policy should be configured.

Record Management

If there is an incident of sorts in the company, these logs can be consulted to find out which card ID is responsible. This, of course, does not always mean that the owner of the card is the one at fault, but it is an excellent starting point for an investigation.

Any medium to large-sized business should consider the merits of a smartcard security system. It can be massively beneficial across multiple areas within the one company, whether it is being used for identification and access control or for something as simple as an internal payment system. Take the time to investigate the different systems available on the market and how they can best benefit your own business and employees.

Internal Payments

Smart cards have many uses beyond access control, however. Some companies have introduced them to act as an internal payment system to help with operations within the business. If you have a large workforce, this can be a great idea to implement.

With the potential for a large group of employees to pass through a canteen at the same time, many companies decide to abandon cash payment systems for the ease of the catering staff. Using a pre-paid payment card here in lieu of cash or other systems can be incredibly beneficial. What’s more, such cards can also be used with vending machines around the building, and they can easily be topped up by terminals installed in staffrooms or through online payments.