Essential Mobile Phone Apps You Might be Taking for Granted

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Basic Smartphone Functionality


This is an important consideration when considering the merits of a dual-SIM smartphone over a regular smartphone with a single SIM. At a minimum, if the person carrying the smartphone has to use a feature of a regular smartphone only on their second SIM card for example, that would then be a consideration for the advanced user. For smartphone functionality, although dual-SIM is certainly not an essential feature, it is important. A smartphone should have a means to contact a service provider during an emergency so that an extra card can be used if required. That is where having the second card is important.

By the time you’re accessing your favorite PayPal casino with your smartphone, you’ve likely already figured out its basic functionality, perhaps taking the basic features it has for granted. Here are some apps to remind you of just how much technology is contained in that device of yours which might very well fit into your pocket:

Snow: Sends a message on snow day, or to a friend on their birthday.

Dropbox: Copies, creates, sends and drops files from one person to another via email.

Streams: Features movies, concerts, sports, interactive games.

Grooveshark: Users can stream music from the Internet and like the mobile music app Spotify, Grooveshark has deals to stream to selected mobile phones and devices.

Shazam: Users can search for a song by holding their phone up to it and watching a small bar light up.

Better Shazam: Adds a Music Source listing for the songs you’ve already saved.

Bing Live Search: Bing Live Search: Could be used to search for something like, Bing Live Search: Could be used to search for something like, Winter Olympics or TV shows.

Tinychat: Tries to compete with the likes of Hipchat, Slack, and more.

Vsync Version 2.0: Updates: Updating the app for the new iOS.

Parsec: Parsec: Online File Sharing App.

AutoDecide: Works for services like Dropbox,,, and so on.

Shared-Programmes Search Engine: Works for services like Dropbox,,, and so on.

Zencart: Features the famous (or infamous) iOS staples.

Advanced Smartphone Functionality

The Xperia XZ1 features a beefy 3,230 mAh battery, along with the ability to connect wirelessly to a power supply for faster charging. It also supports Qi-enabled wireless chargers, including the new ultra fast version called Quick Charge 3.

The Display and Design

The Xperia XZ1 Compact adopts Sony’s newly improved Visual Vision Display, which is especially effective with its 2.5D curved glass. The screen is now 4.6″ and boasts a full HD resolution. This is made possible by the addition of a ‘virtual keypad’ and a soft touch layer. The display also features an adaptive brightness setting that is adjusted according to the surrounding ambient light. This allows you to increase the brightness of the display by 10% while retaining optimum visibility in darker environments. The screen also features TRILUMINOS Display for richer color saturation, as well as Sony’s X-Reality for mobile technology to deliver a highly accurate and true to life viewing experience.