Evidence Required In Proving An Intoxicated Driver Accident

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When you get in a drunk driving accident, the law usually points the finger at the intoxicated party. However, if the party denies your claims and asks you for proof of their intoxication, the process can become slightly complicated. 

Unfortunately, being injured by a drunk driver does not automatically give you the right to ask for compensation. For that, you need to demonstrate various elements of proof. You can find various information on drunk driving accidents on Johnston Law Firm’s blog. Also, if you are searching for an attorney, you can book a consultation session with them as well. 

Evidence required in proving an intoxicated driver accident 

  1. Police report. 

When a car accident takes place, it is imperative to call law enforcement so that the police officers can arrive at the scene and conduct an investigation. Police officers have the necessary training and resources to determine whether any of the parties was driving under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, if the police catch the other driver on the spot, they will include it in their police report, which can serve as evidence in court. 

  1. Witness statements. 

Having the police investigate the area is not enough, and you should try to conduct your own research if you are in a position to do so. A person who saw the accident take place may be able to tell if the other driver was driving erratically or irresponsibly. Talk to nearby people immediately after the accident and note down the contact information of potent witnesses.

  1. Arrest record. 

If the other party has been previously arrested for drunk driving and has a criminal record for a DUI, it could serve as significant evidence for your case. This can help convince the judge that the driver has a history of being negligent and should be held liable for your damages. Your attorney can help you obtain these arrest records from government files. 

  1. Physical evidence at the scene. 

While the police will certainly conduct a good investigation of the crime scene, you should not hesitate to take pictures and videos of the site. If possible, try to get a good look at the inside of the other party’s vehicle to look for alcohol bottles or similar evidence indicating intoxication. You may also collect the physical evidence and keep it with you if you get a chance to do so. 

Being injured in a car accident is a very stressful situation. When you add the pressure of finding evidence, it can strain your mental health significantly. That is why letting an expert handle the legalities while you receive the much-needed rest at your home is suggested.