Exercise Your Brain With Apps to Sharpen Your Mind

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For years, video and online gaming has had a bit of a bad reputation, mostly because many assume it’s a “waste of time” or “rots your brain.” Research over the last few years reveals that gaming can actually be good for your brain as it can help some people focus and can even sharpen hand-to-eye coordination and improve other real life skills.

While much of the research surrounding brain training games discusses how it benefits elderly individuals, certain apps and games can be beneficial to people of all ages. It’s important to note that not all apps and games on websites will help sharpen your brain in the same way but here are some games that may be worth trying out.

Brain Training Games

Does your brain feel tired at the end of the day? Do you have a hard time finding the right words or just feel slower than usual? Our brains definitely work hard, and even if we do nothing but work in front of a computer all day, it’s easy to experience a case of “brain drain.”

Our physical bodies (muscles, for instance) aren’t the only things that need exercise to stay finely tuned; brains do, too. Like workout equipment and regimens, apps and gaming websites can help your brain get a workout.

There are thousands of “brain training” apps and games on the market that are designed to sharpen your thinking, quicken your reaction time, and help you recall information more quickly. Keep in mind that while there are many benefits to these types of games, they are not guaranteed to fix or completely transform your brain.

If you’re interested in playing games that are specifically designed to train your brain, you can check out apps like CogniFit Brain Fitness or Elevate (or try out any other number of brain trainers available).

Don’t Pass Up On Playing Other Games

If brain training games don’t interest you, play a game that interests you. Some research suggests that 3D games are more beneficial to brain health than 2D games (because they make your brain work a little harder) but play games that you love.

Want to learn how to play slots or do you like a fast-paced role playing game? While each type of game is very different, both will get your brain active and engage areas that might not get used on a daily basis.

Change It Up

Do you want to keep your brain engaged and working hard without feeling like it’s a lot of work? Try out various apps and check out different websites. There are so many websites out there available to download from. A popular recommendation is to Download at Fileproton and similar websites which offer a variety of games to keep your brain flowing. While many brain training apps suggest that you follow a schedule, it may be a deterrent for players who get bored easily. Don’t like an app? Don’t keep playing it; apps and online gaming should never feel like a chore.

Check out a variety of apps and don’t be afraid to change it up. Not only are you more likely to stick to apps and games that are good for your brain, but you’re less likely to get bored while playing.