Geek Girls’ night in on a budget

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Are you short on funds, but in desperate need of a fun night with your gal-pals? Going out can be extremely expensive, especially when you factor in drinks, food, and transport. Embrace girlie nights in and stop worrying about not being able to afford to catch up with your friends. Staying in doesn’t need to be a bore, especially when you have a whole load of great ideas to choose from. Get the girls round and enjoy a night filled with techy, geeky, alternative fun.

Cult film night

Chick flicks are out and cult films are in. Get some snacks together and ask your friends to each bring their favourite cult film of all time and prepare for a night of cinematic splendour. Whether you’re a Wayne’s World fan, or a Holy Grail type of girl, you are sure to have plenty of laughs without having to spend a whole load of money to do so.

Game night

Hosting an online game night is yet another inexpensive way to enjoy a night in with your favourite people. Playing Free Games Online, on your laptop, or mobile means that you can all get involved without having to wait for your turn on a console. With sites such as Bigsamo Games, you will also have access to all manner of genres, which is fantastic when your friends all have different gaming preferences.

Board games

Get out your Game of Thrones Monopoly, Quantum, or Twilight Emporium, and spend the night enjoying games the old-fashioned way. Again, provide snacks, or, if you’re really strapped for cash, ask friends to bring snacks and drinks while you provide the venue and games. At college but want to have a few drinks? Most of the time at college you are strapped for cash and a night in is perfect, but why does this mean you need to sacrifice having a good time and a party? Get a fake ID from somewhere like so that you can buy some bargain booze for a fun board game night!

Get Quizzing

Why choose one theme when you can compile your own quiz involving all the things you love? Become a quizmaster by taking all the films, games, comics, and technological wonders that you enjoy and turning them into a quiz for you and your friends to enjoy – plus, you could always sneak in a few general knowledge questions from somewhere like LaffGaff to keep them on their toes! If you have time, give friends a category or theme and instruct them to compile their own questions so you can each take turns being the quizmaster. Should this sound a little too exhausting, take advantage of online resources and get inspiration from sites such as ProProfs Quiz Maker, and GeekWire.


All hail the internet for the many things that it offers us, least of all the opportunity to group chat with friends that live too far away for us to see in person. Plan the time you can all catch up via virtual means, grab a glass of your favourite tipple and enjoy a group chat without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

When you are on a budget it helps if you and your friends each take turns hosting these fun nights. Set up a realistic rota so no one person feels burdened with continually being the host, and always try to bring a little something along when it isn’t your night to host.