Greatest Movie Easter Eggs

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Whether you’re a nerd culture buff or just a casual film fan, there’s nothing cooler than seeing something from a different franchise crop up in the movie you’re watching. Hollywood is packed with Easter Eggs, meta-references and hidden in-jokes from across the entertainment world. If you haven’t spotted any of these yet, you certainly will now! We’ve put together 5 of the best Easter Eggs we could find from across the action, drama, thriller and even fantasy world. Good luck spotting them! This piece was put together by the team over at Paddy Power Slots.

The Interview – Lord of the Rings

The controversial 2014 film that resulted in hacks, leaks and threats became a cult favourite despite the huge negative spotlight shone upon it. Another in the line of Evan Goldberg/Seth Rogen films, The Interview, starring James Franco centres around an assassination attempt by the US against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The risqué film mentions the Tolkien tales in a number of different scenes. Including Seth Rogen having his finger bitten off (a reference to Gollum biting Frodo’s finger) as well as numerous references to “My Precious” and North Korea being “Mordor”

Fight Club – Starbucks.

David Fincher’s classic film based on Chuck Palahniuk’s debut novel has become a staple in the cult movie world. It follows “The Narrator” who meets Tyler Durden, a travelling soap salesman as his life gradually becomes unravelled. In a subtle nod towards anti-capitalism, Director David Fincher placed a Starbucks Cup somewhere in the background of almost every scene in the film.

The Mist – The Dark Tower

Based on the novella by Stephen King, The Mist earned itself a Hollywood version in 2007 directed by Frank Darabont of Green Mile and The Walking Dead fame. The story is in the sleepy town of Bridgton, Maine that is suddenly covered in a blanket of mysterious weather, leaving the town open to the horrors within. In the film’s opening scene, the main character is seen painting a portrait of Roland, the Gunslinger from The Dark Tower, another of King’s stories, which also earned itself a Hollywood appearance starring silver screen heavyweights Idris Elba and Matthew Mcconaughey.

I Am Legend – Batman VS Superman

Despite being released in 2007, I Am Legend had an eerie foreshadowing almost a decade in advance. One of four movie versions of the original novel, the film follows Robert Neville, the last human alive in New York after a viral outbreak that ravaged humanity. In one scene, Will Smiths character passes a huge billboard featuring the Superman logo directly on top of the Batman logo, a reference to a crossover movie that never happened, until 2016 that is.

Every Marvel Film Ever – Stan Lee

Whether as a joke that won’t go away, or purely as a mark of respect, every Marvel film since the early days of The Hulk has featured Stan Lee in a bit part or a passing cameo. Having been a huge part of the Marvel world since the 60’s, it’s only right that Stan gets a nod every time one of his characters makes it to the big screen! One of his most subtle, is as a smiling policeman on a poster that occasionally makes an appearance in Marvel’s Iron Fist & Defenders.

Keep your eyes out, and let us know what you’ve found!