How often should I take Xanax 1mg?

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Xanax is an FDA approved medication that contains the active ingredient alprazolam which belongs to the benzodiazepine class of medications. This medication produces calming and relaxing effects in the brain, which makes it a great choice for anxiety related symptoms.

Healthcare providers usually prescribe alprazolam medication as a short-term treatment (up to 4 weeks), and it is safe to be taken daily during the 4 week treatment. After the treatment, your doctor will re-examine your symptoms and decide whether or not you should prolong the use of the medication. Many people wish to replace their Xanax treatment plan with a more natural and less addictive counterpart, such as looking to use CBD products, whether that’s by purchasing medical-grade CBD or even looking at a homemade gummies recipe to infuse with CBD for an anxiety treatment alternative. It all depends on the patient’s requirements, though.

Xanax 1mg is a dose prescribed to adults who have previously used 0.5mg. 1mg is advised to be taken once daily and can be increased depending on the severity of the condition; nevertheless, the dose will not increase to more than 10mg per day.

Daily administration of this medication is safe as long as an individual does not overdose, i.e. take more amounts than prescribed. Increasing the dose and taking this medication for a longer period than described can cause adverse effects. Therefore it is imperative that one should take this medication no longer than 4 weeks, unless advised otherwise.

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Who should be taking this therapeutic?

This therapeutic is commonly used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. During a 4-week double blind study, this medication had been proven to be effective for individuals with anxiety and depressive symptoms when compared to placebo.

Another study showed this medication to be superior to placebo during a 10-week placebo-controlled experiment on individuals suffering from panic disorders. There had been a significant decrease in the amount of panic attacks for individuals taking Xanax. Therefore, individuals diagnosed with anxiety disorders, depression with anxiety symptoms and panic disorders, should use this medication.

Although benzodiazepines have been reported to increase suicidal ideation and increase intensity of depression, studies have shown that alprazolam does not in any way increase or worsen suicidal thoughts and depression; rather they produce effects of grogginess and sleepiness. Therefore, it is safe for individuals suffering from depression to also use this therapeutic when necessary. On the other hand, people who are on other chronic medication or those planning to get pregnant or if they become pregnant during administration, may not be advised to use this medication as some adverse effects may be experienced.

Can I become dependent on this therapeutic?

Most benzodiazepines have a high dependency rate and those with previous reported cases of substance addiction may be susceptible to misusing or overdosing on this medication. People with psychiatric conditions and intense impulses may abuse this medication in order to experience relief much quicker than the onset period of the therapeutic.  However, it is up to the person using this medication to decrease dose or report to their doctor  if they feel they are becoming dependent on this therapeutic.

Individuals who are likely to follow instructions and take medication as prescribed have a lower risk of dependency, compared to those who have addiction problems; therefore dependency does not apply to everyone. It is important to note that when deciding to discontinue using the medication, there should be a gradual decrease in dose (tapering) instead of ending the use immediately.

This is because some people may experience withdrawal symptoms, such as impaired vision, headaches, insomnia, rebound anxiety and panic, paranoia, and discomfort in muscles. Even though these symptoms are short lived for about 1 to 4 days, it is better to prevent these symptoms. 

How can I buy Xanax online?

This therapeutic is widely available online from internet pharmacies. Generally a prescription from your doctor will be required for the online pharmacy to approve and dispense your delivery. You can find an online pharmacy that operates in your area by simply searching the internet with your location.

A list of internet pharmacies will appear, and you can choose one best suited for your area and your budget. Making online purchases are a great option for those unable to leave their homes, as you can have your medication delivered right to your home. Online also means that you are able to browse internet pharmacies and compare prices, look for discounts, promotions or incentives.

When you buy Xanax online, you need not worry about visiting your local pharmacist to ask for advice if needed, because most online pharmacies have a 24/7 live chat or call with a licensed pharmacist. This will save you time as well as money. When visiting the internet pharmacy’s website, be sure to check the security policies, certificates and list of FDA approved medications being sold.  Once you have done your checks, you can safely add the medication to your cart and pay via electronic funds transfer (EFT payment).

One you have paid for your medication, your online pharmacy will send you an invoice as well as delivery information. Usually, internet pharmacies from your area might be able to do same-day delivery, but if that is not the case, then you might have to wait between 2 to 5 days for your medication (waiting period is subject to each pharmacy).

Can this therapeutic interact with other medication or substances?

This therapeutic may interact with other medications; however, the results for each type of interaction will either cause serious side effects or change the way the medication works. Interaction of this medication with opioids will result in over-sedation and depression of the respiratory system, which may lead to unconsciousness.

Anti-depressants, sedative-hypnotics, barbiturates, some antihistamines and analgesics, anaesthetics, contraceptives and anxiolytics may cause serious drowsiness and sleepiness when co-administered with the therapeutic. If you are co-administering this medication with any of the above mentioned therapeutics, make sure you are not getting involved in strenuous activities or work as there may be impairment.

Taking alcohol and the therapeutic at the same time will intensify the short-term side effects of both substances. This will mean an increase in sedation, impaired decision making, drowsiness, dizziness, imbalances, mood and behaviour changes as well as blackouts. These side effects will only last until both substances are released from the body.

Some interactions may slow down the time alprazolam takes to be released from the body. This means that the effects of the medication will be prolonged. It is not unsafe to co-administer these medications as long as you are not overdosing on both therapeutics or not performing activities that can be impaired and dangerous (like driving).