How Tech is more about the Story than the Technology Itself

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There was a time when it proved really difficult for someone like Bill Gates himself to try and explain just exactly what on earth the internet is and he wasn’t the only technology authority who battled to explain the idea behind tech concepts and products. Sure, Bill Gates is by no means any kind of “internet guy,” but I would imagine someone like Jeff Bezos would have had a hard time trying to explain to his grandparents what exactly he was working on, which he named after a jungle in South America.

Here we are, nearly a few decades after the internet as we know it today first came into prominence and you would be met with some strong advice against trying to make your living as a fitness blogger, because that is indeed a saturated market. How times have changed…

Anyway, what we’re getting at is that a lot of the innovation which is referred to these days in the tech world and beyond isn’t really innovation in the true sense of the term. There isn’t quite anything new under the sun, is there? Everything which comes into existence is perhaps just an improvement to something else which already exists, or a “disruption” – disruption is the buzz word these days.

“Innovative” platforms which are disrupting industries and markets, like AirB&B, Uber, etc., aren’t in themselves new technologies, but are rather just different ways of doing something which has already been done before. The AirB&B website is after all a WEBSITE and websites have existed for pretty much as long as the World Wide Web itself has existed.

Cloned platforms of an existing concept can pop-up within a matter of a few hours after the pioneering platform clearly indicates to be a profitable one, for example, and this happens so much that you hardly ever hear of a lawsuit filed against someone for the results of what would clearly be some reverse engineering of the original tech platform.

So if there are about a million x 10 online casino platforms available to anyone who would like to try their luck in this way, then what sets some of the best apart from the rest?

The online casino reference is indeed just an example as this can perhaps be applied right across the board in the tech industry. How many different makes of cars are there in existence, for example?

So what sets the best apart from the rest is simply the story behind whatever is being offered. The story is not necessarily one of those corny ones about how the company producing the tech came to be, but rather about success stories which resulted in the use of that tech. Going back to our example of online casinos, with a platform such as for instance, the headlining stories aren’t those of the storylines behind the game titles featured, but rather the stories of the gamers who walked away from the platform having won some big jackpots.

In a world where one piece of tech pretty much exists in many different forms as provided by different service providers, it’s the story behind that tech which sells.