Magnetic Phone Accessories – How to Choose a Phone Mount?

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Although smartphones aren’t supposed to be used while driving, virtually all drivers rely on these gadgets when sitting in the driver’s seat. Besides using them for navigation, people use smartphones for playing their favorite songs and taking phone calls.

Nevertheless, in order for you to perform these activities without losing your focus of the road, it’s paramount to purchase a magnetic phone mount. Nowadays, there is a multitude of magnetic smartphone accessories, such as Magbak accessories for your phone, available for customers to purchase online.

The following tips will help you purchase the best one for your vehicle.

Choose a type

The inceptive step of your buying journey is choosing the right type of such accessory, which depends on the area where you intend to mount the gadget. For instance, the most popular models of magnetic phone mounts are the ones for dashboards or windshields, as these areas are the most accessible to drivers. Securing this magnetic accessory to either the dashboard or the windshield of one’s vehicle, won’t obstruct the view of the driver.

Moreover, these areas are large enough for drivers to attach the holder anywhere it seems fit as long as the surface is flat. Make sure you use a strong adhesive like Sugru (click here to know more about such mouldable adhesives), to glue the magnetic accessory properly in order to prevent your smartphone from getting detached in the middle of driving.

Another commonly used type of phone mounts is the air vent model, which is secured to the air vents of the vehicle. Most autos have numerous air vents, but you’re advised to attach the accessory to the ones you find the closest.

Additionally, it’s paramount to inspect the strength of the air vents prior to securing your smartphone, as not all of them are capable of maintaining the weight of both the holder and the gadget. Anyhow, these models are considered highly practical due to providing your smartphone with cool air from the vents, thus preventing it from getting hot. Go to this page for some other practical tips of keeping your smartphone cool inside the car during the summer months.

Magnetic CD phone mounts aren’t as popular as the above-mentioned models, as these accessories can be used solely in vehicles equipped with a CD player. However, these wouldn’t be exactly beneficial for drivers who use their players, as they would be impeded from putting CDs inside the player and taking them out.

Ultimately, adhesive mounts are undoubtedly the least used models due to the complicated process of removal. Owing to the adhesive, these holders can be secured almost anywhere inside vehicles, but the surface is likely to get damaged during removal.

Consider the installation process

After opting for a particular type of magnetic phone mount, you are encouraged to look for models that require simple installation. The more complicated the process of installation the greater the chances of causing damage to the interior of the car.

Make sure you take no notice of the models that utilize strong adhesive, as you’ll probably scratch as well as leave marks on the windshield or dashboard. Visit the following link,, to check out some useful tips about removing adhesive residue from a car window.

Check compatibility

Another indispensable factor to consider when purchasing a magnetic mount is the compatibility of this accessory with the size of your smartphone. The largest part of the magnetic models is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones, hence minimizing the risk of incompatibility.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to consider the thickness of your smartphone’s case as well. In some cases, the accessory seems incompatible due to the thick case of the gadget, not the size of the gadget itself.

Consider the material

Finally, you are strongly advised to purchase a model made of sturdy but flexible material that protects both your smartphone and the interior of the vehicle. Choosing a magnetic phone mount made of either silicone or rubber is considered beneficial, owing to the durability of the material. The holder is supposed to prevent your smartphone from slipping out, even when driving on bumpy roads.

Final word

Buy a compatible accessory, made of durable material and easy to install!