Simple steps to blogging and social media

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Whether your interests include gaming, sports or technology, it’s likely you’ve read a number of blogs dedicated to these areas. Blogging is a popular and ever growing industry which allows people to share their own content and build an online community who can relate to their interests. Whether it’s for personal or business use a blog and social media are great platforms to promote products, engage with your audience or even simply to act as a hobby in your spare time.

If you already have a blog or would like to start one and want to build a bigger audience, then social media can be the perfect tool. To help you through the steps of creating a blog and the advantages of using social media, Click Consult has created an eBook sharing all the information you’ll need. After reading through the eBook we’d like to share with you some of the best tips and advice we found.

Where can I start my blog?

There are several platforms in which you can create a blog on; however the most commonly used is WordPress. Although to begin with WordPress may seem hard to get your head around, it’s actually a fairly simple platform to navigate. For beginners to the blogging world there are a number of helpful resources online including videos, which can take you through the steps of setting up a blog on WordPress and other similar platforms.

How do I increase my blogs domain authority?

Domain authority is basically a score out of 100 and measures how trustworthy your site is. Improving your blog’s DA can take some time and the best way of increasing it is by sharing regular content and building your audience. Guest posting on other sites is a great way to bring new readers to your blog and increase your DA. It’s worth keeping an eye out in blogger groups for any guest posting opportunities available.

How can my social channels improve my blog?

One of the main reasons you want to create a blog is to document your interests and share your content with other people. For a new blog, in particular, it can be a difficult process to attract readers to your content. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook act as the perfect place to share your ideas not only with your followers but also with a wider audience. If you are interested in video blogging, you can use YouTubes and TikTok, and to reach a global audience, you can use hashtags. Using relevant hashtags means people with similar interests to you are likely to come across your posts and hopefully end up visiting your blog. Moreover, to grow followers’ engagement, you can employ additional resources for more likes, shares, and comments. For instance, you can explore services such as to get more likes on your TikTok posts.

Hopefully the points we’ve selected from Click Consult’s #BloggerGuide will help you set up your own blog and promote it through social media. You can always take further steps, like choosing to buy Instagram likes, to help get your name out there faster too! No matter what your reasons are behind creating a blog, it’s the perfect way to document your daily life, hobbies or even just to communicate with people who have similar interests to yours.