Tale of Two Setups: 5 Reasons to Choose Mac Over PC

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If you’re looking for a debate online, there are fewer subjects more divisive than the long-running Mac Vs. PC debate. When we talk of PCs, we’re basically referring to Windows-based systems, as Personal Computers (PCs) are a general term. There are passionate feelings on both sides, and in a world where everyone has some form of interaction with computers, everyone has an opinion. All personal preferences aside, there are quite a few areas where Mac is undeniably superior. Here’s a look at some of the areas where Mac takes the cake.

1. Visionary Concepts

Before the candy-colored iBooks and iMacs came onto the scene, computers used to be bland, grey, boxy affairs that seemed to try and be as undistinguished as possible. Apple is the company that made the first real attempt to make computers more appealing outside an office setting. They set the tone for personal computers, and everyone followed their lead. Their iPod started the Mp3 player rush, their iPhone is the industry standard for new smartphone technology, and the list of innovation goes on. They are simply ahead of the pack.

2. No Virus Headaches

Every PC user will know just how much time and resources they have to put in to keep their computers virus and malware-free. Even in spite of the seemingly never-ending antivirus updates Windows PCs are perpetually running, there is still the occasional virus incident. Mac users don’t have to deal with this. Well, not nearly as often, that’s for sure.

3. Unmatched Customer Support

Tech support is a vital element of any technology service provision, and nobody does this better than Apple. If you’ve ever taken a look at Consumer Reports on tech support, you’ll find that Apple consistently ranks as the most reliable and helpful tech support providers out there. This isn’t limited to their computers, but is also applicable to their mobile device services. Individual users may not place much importance to these services, but it can make all the difference for an online business or technologically-dependent enterprise.

4. Dedicated Usage Ease

One of the most glaring characteristics that distinguish between Mac and PCs shows up when you observe how they are used. You might have noticed it yourself, but wherever people require a computer for a dedicated purpose, in music production studios, graphic design offices, Forex trading institutions, and various other facilities, the overwhelming majority of them will be using Mac systems.

The thing here is this – PCs are great for the general purpose user, such as the personal owner that uses their computer for gaming, work, movies – general purposes, in short. Mac, on the other hand, is preferred where a computer is required that will handle one primary function, and handle it perfectly – in environments where software, hardware, and performance issues cannot be tolerated because they can lead to the loss of valuable time, money, or perhaps even worse. Players in the Forex markets using metatrader, for example, consistently reports smoother, more reliable performance from Mac setups. Trading can be a second-to-second activity, and most serious traders seem to pt more faith in Mac to see them through.

5. Better Value for Money

One of the biggest charges people place against Mac is their cost. When you look at things on a feature-by-feature basis, however, things begin to look a lot different. Look at it this way, for example – if you were to assemble a computer with all the hardware and software capabilities of a MacBook Pro, for example, you would find that purchasing the Mac would turn out to be cheaper, or at least about the same price. Consider this as well – Macs seem to hold out significantly longer than PCs without hardware or software issues. A Mac system purchased in 2002 can perform with the latest Mac Operating System with little to no hardware limitations. A Windows PC bought at the same time couldn’t be expected to run the latest version of Windows unless you were to run on the barest minimum hardware settings.

Many Mac users would tell you that the cost debate is actually irrelevant for them, to be quite frank. It seems to be something in the very nature of Mac fans. You can find PC users switching or half-switching to Mac, but you’ll have a hard time finding Mac users who turn to PC purely of their own free will.