The 5 Weirdest Electric Scooters Ever

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While we’re definitely all about discussing technology in the truest sense of what it means, that doesn’t mean we aren’t intrigued by the weirder side of the weird and wonderful gizmos and gadgets which justifiably pass off as technology. With scooters making a legitimate claim to contributing to a greener, cleaner earth, it’s no surprise then that this area of the tech world would dish out some weird and wonderful variations and designs.

Segway Self-Driving Ninebot

Describing electric scooters as weird has actually long since become redundant, because well, it’s probably considered to be weird, zipping around on a scooter in any adult-life context, but it’s becoming the new normal in the corporate sector. It seems as if those at the cutting edge of the economically active gang prefer city life, which comes with turning to hacks and tech such as electric scooters to get around in an increasingly eco-friendly manner.

So, the weirdness is no longer contained in the design of an electric scooter such as the Segway Ninebot, with its reverse-tricycle appearance (two wheels in the front and one rear wheel). This Segway T60 is self-driving! Imagine a bunch of scooters self-driving around the city. You’d be weirded-out even if you knew that they were headed towards the nearest charging dock, as night begins to fall. This rapid move towards more practical applications of AI is just another reason why you’d better lock your electric scooter.

The last thing you want to do is to have to figure out whether it was stolen or indeed if it just needed to charge up…

Volkswagen Foldable Cityskater

Well, electric scooters are now coming out in a foldable variety, it seems! That’s weird enough as it is, but with VW’s foldable CitySkater, the weirdness is perhaps contained in its appearance. To put it simply, in action it looks like you’re riding it in the wrong direction, with one rear wheel and two front wheels, and a controller that fits through your legs and runs from the back wheel!

Stuff Certified City Coco Harley Pro 18

Are we not pushing it a bit here, in terms of what exactly is defined as an electric scooter? This one has a seat and so it looks like a motorcycle proper, while its hefty price-tag makes for another argument that it should be classed more as a motorcycle than an electric scooter. You could probably buy the tyres in a tyre shop for regular vehicles and motorcycles…Just get a motor cycle if you want this scooter!

Doohan iTank

One cannot help but scrunch up their face at the sight of what appears to be one of those futuristic concepts that will never come into mass production, yet you can buy the iTank today if you wanted to! It looks like a wheelchair for the elderly and those with limited mobility.

Unagi E500

Okay, so in fairness there’s nothing overly weird about the Unagi Model One E500, like you’d see with the likes of Jayden Smith’s suitcase scooter. That’s a discussion for another day…

This electric scooter intrigues the curious mind because it doesn’t look like it has any space for the electronics that drive an electric scooter. It looks really good too!