The Best Games of This Decade That You Can’t Ignore

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The gaming space has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 10 years. We have moved on from basic graphics and silly sound effects to ultra-realistic characters. We are now living in a world of exceptional games with terrific storylines and extremely immersive experiences. But before you dive into these extraordinary games, make sure you buy life insurance. Games can wait but insurance can’t.

The Witcher 3

Witcher 3 is undoubtedly the best RPG ever made. The game is possibly Polish Studios’ best products and has cemented its position as a premium game developer. The Witcher 3 has better storytelling than most of the top-selling games of this decade. Every character is relatable and the adventure is always overwhelming. With a collection of grave choices and spark of memorable memes, the game was the best thing to happen to gaming in this decade. 

God of War

The 2018 version of God of War was the eighth installment of the much-loved action series. God of War’s cinematic experience cannot be compared with any game released till 2019. The game proved to be successful against all the odds faced by a one-dimensional character in the new age gaming arena. God of War 5 is expected to come out in mid-2021 and we just cannot wait for an official trailer launch in 2020.

The Last of Us

2013 was a special year for the gaming community. The year was graced by universally loved games like Dota2 and Grand Theft Auto 5. But the icing on the cake was actually The Last of US. The game can be regarded as the benchmark for voice acting. The story of a smuggler and a teenage girl made us feel the extremes of joy and sadness. Trapped in the post-apocalyptic world this game makes us realize the power of human perseverance.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

MGS V: The Phantom Pain is certainly one of the best action games in the history of gaming. While slaying supernatural attackers you are provided with the task of rebuilding the “Mother Base”. Thus, you discover numerous objects in the open world while indulging in stealth action. The beautiful features aside, you will not get an opportunity to use an exposed telephone wire to electrocute a group of guards in any other game. There is nothing like MGS V and it deserves to stand with the most impactful games of the last decade.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar games will always boast about producing the visually stunning Red Dead Redemption. The game lets you enjoy virtual reality without any console or special goggles. The game is a slow burn but that’s the reason behind its awesomeness. A game that allows you to do only humanly possible tasks without exaggerating anything in the gameplay cannot be ignored.  The game hits the life of outlaws and modern American values which makes it an instant classic. Rockstar games are the true combination of talent and hard work in the gaming space.

Which games have you played and which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.