The Top 5 Most Popular Racing Games on Steam

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Playing racing games on Steam is appealing because you’re often paired with or riding against other online players within the Steam community. Some of the current top racing titles are pure road racing or track racing titles, but others blend elements of first-person shooter or fighting, like with Grand Theft Auto V.

Here are the five most popular racing games currently.

Grand Theft Auto V

The enduring popularity of the Grand Theft Auto brand shows no slowing down. The ability to jump into another person’s vehicle and drive off with it never gets old. But the fighting stance and going at it with other players in the game is fun too. Playing this game on Steam adds an extra dimension that’s not found in many other racing games – or is done so well. Whether you want a vehicle with a powerful black exhaust like Cummins rollin coal or just the fastest, hottest car on the road, Grand Theft Auto in its fifth incarnation has you covered. You’ll never get bored with a game that’s filled with stunts, including “going air” with jumps over hills and other crazy moves reminiscent of a Fast and Furious movie.

Rocket League

Rocket League is an incredible racing game that blends soccer with racing around in cars. The pairing is an odd one but is so well produced that’s Rocket League has become a huge hit with players on Steam. The vehicles can fly into the air, perform aerial maneuvers to hit the goal or play the keeper to save from losing a goal. The split screen gameplay is equally impressive, going up to four split screens at one time to have multiple local players duking it out for the win.

Assetto Corsa

If racing games mean trying out supercars on exhilarating tracks, then Assetto Corsa is for you. The graphics are excellent and getting pole position means you’re in with a chance to win. Besides, the collection of Assetto Corsa cars features a variety of classic, and new-age cars that deliver performance for those in search of adrenaline, and fun-filled excitement. is billed as a physics sim that lets you drive a car and put it through whatever you like. Most of the vehicles are anything but state-of-the-art – try the 1970s and 80s era road vehicles – which is why they’re great to throw around open roads without due concern. Jumping the cars into the air or pushing them to the edge provides fun in equal measure.

Sleeping Dogs: The Definitive Edition

The latest Sleeping Dogs bumps up both the visual appeal and the technical aspects to bring this 2014 game up to current standards. The gameplay blends hard driving with fighting on the busy streets of Hong Kong against local hoods and other unsavory types. The feel when driving around Asian streets is excellent and sets the scene well while the action rarely stops.

When you love racing around in the latest sports cars or some veritable classics, it’s great to fire up a racing title and have a go. What’s your favorite racing game of all time? Did these recent titles make the list?