Three Effective Methods to Boost Your Internet Speed by

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Today’s day and age make it difficult to take technology for granted. We sometimes forget that there was a time that we weren’t always capable of being online or receiving an e-mail notification ASAP. Our reliance on technological advancements is both a sign of our progress towards the future and our weakness without it.

Suffering from a slow internet connection is not just a small thing that we’re making a fuss about being millennials. Besides using the net for entertainment and gaming, we also need it to contact and collaborate with our bosses and co-workers. Some of us also rely on the internet to pursue our passions in our spare time, such as piecing together our family history with the help of resources like the records and archives on sites like Genealogy Bank, as one example. However, there’s no permanent cure for having a bad internet connection besides getting a better service provider. Although, before you do that, it would be wise to look at all your options, so that you don’t have to end up needing to change your provider again. One way you can do that is by heading online and looking for the different internet providers in San Antonio (if that is where you live), and picking the one that’s best suited for your needs. But if you’re a little tight on budget, there are ways to make it easier for you to increase your internet’s speed without having to spend a dollar or two.

  1. Understand your internet’s peak speed

If you’ve ever had slow net access, then the opposite is also possible. Making use of a site like test my speed to learn what time of the day your wi-fi will be performing at its best is a smart way to stay productive by scheduling your tasks accordingly. If you need to upload or download files, then having a fast connection is essential. Knowing your connection’s peak hours could save you the hassle of staying around to wait for the slow progress of your file transfer. To strengthen your net connectivity, you can also go old school and have an ethernet connection from your router to your laptop so that you wouldn’t be relying on your router and device’s Wi-Fi strength and go straight to the LAN source.

  1. Maintain your router

Back in the day, having a dial-up connection would disrupt your phone connection. Routers allow you to have a net while still having access to your phone. Your router functions in the same way as a pocket computer. It has cached files and background processes that work to get your connection going. Much like a computer, it also needs to take a day off now and then. Putting a limit on your internet use by turning off your router and resetting it after long periods of use can save you on your bandwidth limitations and will keep your router healthy and at its best the next time you use it.

  1. Get a faster lane

Have you ever wondered why free internet in cafes or hotels has multiple channels? It’s so that not so many people will be using the same road. Your internet connection may be suffering from having too much load for its coverage, or you could have leeches on your router which are stealing your bandwidth without you noticing.

Two can play at the game of jumping in and out of other people’s internet connections. If they don’t hop off, then you need a more secure and more reliable roadway for your access to the internet. Subscriptions on services like allow you to have the fastest internet directory so that the back and forth of data can be yours alone.