Tips to Overcome Computer Addiction

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As the saying goes ‘Too much of anything is poisonous.’ Computers can be very beneficial to your daily life and it can as well bring harm to you when not used appropriately. You can get addicted to your computer just like you can be addictive to anything else. Different activities such as gaming, internet, socializing can make you addicted to your computer. Fortunately, the situation can be overcome by using the following tips.

  1. Recognize your addiction

The first thing you need to do to solve any problem is actually to be aware of the problem and to accept it. It is not a must you be online for you to be an addict to your computer, you can also be an offline computer addict. Identify whether you’re a computer addict by observing the following;

  • If you neglect your duties to be on the computer all through.
  • If you have conflicts with your family and friends because of it.
  • If you have a financial or legal problem for being stuck to your computer.
  • If you become anxious whenever you’re not on your computer.

Learn how to enable and Disable Offline Files to use when you’re in a remote area and not connected to the network.

  1. Avoid your computer

Now that you release that you’re addicted, it’s now time to stop it. Try to avoid your computer as much as possible and use it only when it’s necessary. Find an alternative ways to do things that you usually do on your computer. E.g. if you spend more time on your computer shopping online, avoid it and walk to your nearby market for shopping.

  1. Limit where you can use your computer

Do not bring your computer with you to everywhere you go. Limit the places where you can use your computer. If it is in the office, use it while working and leave it there. Also, limit the time you should be on your computer. You can do this by setting your alarm clock and have self-discipline too. Shut down your laptop as soon as your time is up.

  1. Find another way to spend your time

Engage yourself with other healthy activities to do. When you keep yourself busy with other things, you’ll hardly have time for your computer. Look for other sources of entertainment other than from online. E.g. you can shift to watching them on TV instead.

  1. Get a support from your loved ones

Share your concern with your family or friends whom you live with and tell them to help you by monitoring the time you spend on your computer. You can also consider joining an offline support group so that you can be helped as a group and don’t engage yourself with other problems like taking alcohol as it can turn to be addictive as well.

It is good to ensure you’re doing something that benefits you whenever you’re on your computer. Many people do make money using the computers while others just misuse them and end up being addictive to unnecessary things.  Chose to be among those who use it to be productive and also don’t forget to take some breaks from it for your good health.