Top 5 Most Intelligent Superheroes

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Not all superheroes need huge, bulging muscles only. The brain can be a very powerful weapon. Outsmarting the enemy might even more impactful than a super strength beat down. Some of the crazy gadgets that they’re able to invent are superpowers all on their own.

Superheroes from back in the 60s were often genius scientists that gained their powers from laboratory mishaps. Others created their superpowers or built their own special suites. Here’s a list of the top 5 most intelligent heroes:

Reed Richards A.K.A. Mr. Fantastic

He’s a master of time, space, and pretty much every other science discipline, including interdimensional travel. He’s so smart that his super elastic and malleable body is almost just a bonus at this point.

However, Reed’s brain also possesses fantastic stretching abilities, making his intelligence as limitless as his body. There’s no telling what world problems could have already been solved by him, if he wasn’t constantly being interrupted by threats from Galactus and Doctor Doom.

Tony Stark A.K.A Iron Man

Tony Stark is a pioneer in a variety sciences and business. He created and continuously modifies the Iron Man armor. Tony uses his wit and genius to foresee and solve future problems that haven’t even occurred yet.

Aside from fighting crime and evil as the Iron Man, he’s a power player in advancements in clean energy, aerospace technology and artificial intelligence. His masterful ability to multi-task allows him to separate his mind into independent compartments that can perform and focus on several complex tasks at once.

Henry McCoy A.K.A. Beast

Henry was the very first of Professor X’s students to graduate and an original member of the X-Men. Despite already possessing his mutant strength, Henry chose to pursue a career in science.

After transforming himself into his furry blue form, Henry was part of a variety of hero groups like The Avengers, The Champions, and Defenders. After a while, he reunited with the X-Men and has since spent years using his scientific genius to cure a virus that plagues mutants like himself.

Bruce Banner A.K.A. The Hulk

His IQ is said to be unmeasurable. Coming from a rough childhood, Bruce turned to books and studying for peace and happiness. The Hulk’s devastating strength is a direct result of his acclaimed intellect. He gained his powers after absorbing a lethal dose of radiation during the testing of a bomb he was working on for the U.S. government.

Unfortunately, Bruce has little to no control of his mind or actions when he takes on the Hulk form. Over the years he’s caused unimaginable destruction all around the world. Leading him to seek help in coping mechanisms for controlling his internal struggles.

Peter Parker A.K.A. Spider-Man

Some people often forget that before he became the web-slinging Spider-Man, Peter was a child prodigy. After gaining his powers from a radioactive spider bite, he used his incredible intellect to build his crime fighting gadgets.

Even after taking some time off from school to fight crime, he eventually lands a position at Horizon lab. He advanced to be one the top scientific minds of his time, joining the ranks of scientific powerhouses like Tony Stark and Reed Richards.


Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man could honestly be a tie. In the end, they are at the top because of their limitless mental capabilities and mastery of science and technology.

This is competitive group of brainiacs. There’s been plenty of other superheroes over the years that could’ve easily made this list. Sometimes, it takes more than a swift punch to the face to defeat an enemy. Whether its saving a city or saving the world, there’s no doubt that intelligence and strategy will almost always have a leg up on muscles alone. If you need some realistic superhero costumes, check out I Am Superhero for a whole interesting range.