Types of Virtual Numbers and How They Work

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Virtual number is a connection for business for a minimum of money and an opportunity to build a remote call center anywhere in the world. We talk about virtual telephone exchange in this article. We cover such questions as how virtual numbers work and what features and advantages they have.

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual telephony services refer to telephony solutions hosted in the cloud and delivered over the Internet. These solutions combine the flexibility of web services with the best fixed technology. You can customize every virtual number. For example, you can use virtual numbers for SMS and disallow calls to them. Besides, you can use virtual numbers for calls only or combine these functions. In addition, ISPs provide disposable SMS numbers for all sorts of Internet transactions.

Types of Virtual Numbers

Of course, one number can’t do everything. That’s why they come in different types:

  • For receiving SMS – suitable for those who receive a lot of messages per day.
  • For calls – get several numbers in any country or region and call customers.
  • One-time – for registration on a website.
  • For free calls – suitable for those who have a lot of clients and have a call center.

How Does a Virtual Phone Number Work?

A virtual number is a phone number that gives companies the possibility to centralize their calls. This type of number works the same way as a landline number, with the difference being that it is not assigned to a specific phone line. 

What Can I Use Virtual Numbers for?

Virtual numbers have many advantages, but they also provide additional features to increase the productivity of your calls. If you have sales representatives or agents in different cities, route the virtual number to a call group for intelligent routing of your calls. Incoming calls to this number will ring the phones in the queue or group. Calls will occur simultaneously or sequentially, according to specific criteria (depending on the day, etc.) Any salesperson or agent will be able to answer the call, no matter where one is.