Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research 2018

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If you know SEO, you are aware of keyword and its importance. 2018, will be the year where those businesses will be successful whose websites will present their ideas or goals to their targeted clients and potential customer primarily and then to others. For this selection of right keyword is crucial. Having the right keyword for the websites is a great challenge for business but not hard if you follow accurate keyword research and analysis process. Having right keyword not only promote ROI but also helps to develop strategies for becoming more influential which helps, sustain the business. Therefore, the post provides Ultimate Guide to keyword research 2018.

Keyword research and analysis is same for every business but what varies is the purpose of setting of the business and where you should look for getting a right keyword. The article is divided into three groups which entail the entire Keyword research tips i.e. most important Keyword, the ordinary keyword and Analyzing own Keywords. All of the keywords are important from SEO perspective.

Having right keywords only, doesn’t assure success. Designs of your website too plays crucial role in getting great exposure and get good ROI. Having great designs with right keyword helps visitors to come to your website, stay longer and take actions in your website.  So choose a right design agency for designing your website.  DesignPac is the graphic design agency which provides unlimited graphic design plan at a monthly flat fee of $199 have a look at their work sample for having glance of their great work.

First things first, before jumping into the keyword research process, you need to find your niche business and your goal of having the website. After you are clear about these crucial factors, we can assure you are on track with your keyword research process. Finding niche business would give an idea about seed keywords. Having these keywords would provide you direction to find out which keyword your customers are using to look for the services and products, you are delivering. After you have an idea of seed keyword look for the ordinary keyword, the most important keyword and analyze if you are ranking for the right keyword.

The Ordinary Keyword

These keywords are known as ordinary Keywords because of following reasons;

  • Every SEO expert who searches for the keyword is exposed to the same set of keywords for the particular term.
  • Almost all SEO expert know about this process

We are talking about keywords generated by SEO keyword research tool. When you have an idea of seed keywords you need to put them in a keyword searching tools. You’ll get hundreds of ideas for the other keywords related to seed keyword. There are many SEO keyword research tools which you can choose from. Here are lists of top 10 SEO keyword research tools you could choose from. All of these tools will present ideas about search volume, and competition and value of the keyword which you are looking for. Some of them don’t give the value of the keyword. So while choosing the keyword from the list of keyword; keep this in mind, If you have already high ranking sites, you can choose keywords with high competition, large search volume and high bid rate but if you are the newbie you must focus on high bid rate, low competition and large search volume keyword. Reminding you, some charges cost while others are free.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is the most powerful and versatile keyword research tool.  

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Google being emperor of www. This tool is owned by Google. It provides insight of keyword which people search in Google.

  1. Keyword Tool.io

Great source for long tail keywords. Provides you ideas about 700 keywords with single keywords.

  1. Buzzsumo

Helps to find out trending content related to your industry. Great source of trending keyword.

  1. Google Trends

Provide ideas about hockey-stick rise of potential keywords for your search term. Free to use.

  1. Ubersuggest

As the name it provides suggestions on keywords. It’s completely free tool.

  1. Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer

This tool comes handy for the overview of your own website. It gives an idea about which keyword your website is ranking for.

  1. SpyFu

SpyFu, you can use this tool to spy on your competitor websites.  This tool provides detailed of keyword used by your competitor, helps you find any mistakes they did so that you can take advantage of it.

  1. WordTracker

WordTracker is an ultimate alternative of keyword planner. It is free and gives ideas about long tail keywords

  1. Longtail PRO

As the name this tool comes handy while getting ideas about long tail keywords. More than 70000 plus online marketer use the tool.

Follow these simple steps in any SEO keyword research tool and get 100 ideas of other keywords.

  • Sign up an account
  • Put the seed keyword in search box any keyword research tools.
  • Choose your targeted places, languages, gender, age etc.
  • Click on search or get ideas
  • You’ll get 100 of other keywords with search volume, competition level, and their estimated value.

Looking at competitors’ keyword

Competition is everywhere. You are not alone in the www at least. If you type the keyword of your business in any search engine you would see, there are already millions and millions of websites, appear in SERP. Time to take an advantage now, you can just look for the keyword they are ranking and get ideas for your keyword. You can now discover if any keywords which they have missed. There are two ways to look at competitors’ keywords.

Looking at the source code of competitor websites

This method is all about viewing Meta keyword which has been used by the competitor on the website. You can use this method if you are ranking for search engines like Bing or Yahoo but this method won’t be fruitful if you are ranking for Google. Google has stopped giving priority to Meta keyword since 2009. So most website doesn’t use Meta keyword for ranking. Bing still gives priority to these. You can view Meta keyword used by your competitor by looking at the source code of your competitor websites. For viewing source code, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to competitor website
  2. Press Ctrl+U from your keyboard which would show source code


Right click on the mouse and choose source code.

Using tools to find competitor keyword

There are many SEO Keyword research tool which gives insight about competitor keywords. These tools deliver you with detailed information about alt texts of Images, titles, Meta description, Meta keyword used in entire websites, which would give you information about keyword your competitor websites is ranking for.

Almost all keyword research tools helps to find competitor’s keywords. The two tools we missed above but must be mentioned are

Some tools are free while other charge bucks to use it.

Looking for most important keywords

It’s the most important keywords for two basic reasons

  • These keywords give you true ideas of the keyword you need to target on
  • Missed by most SEO experts being unaware.

There are normally two places which would provide the most important keyword

Search box

I hope you have noticed when you type any search query in the search box of primary search engine just the below of it appears the group of other words. Do you know? These are other queries typed by others seeking the thing, you are looking for. These words are typed by most times in the query box for finding the products and services which you are looking for.

I hope you have understood what I am talking about. If you think, “oh yeah it gives me an idea of the keyword”. You got my point.

Other than search engines you could check in other popular social media websites, like Instagram, Pinterest which gives  ideas about keyword which many people are looking for.

Related Search

It’s the other important place where you could get ideas about long tail keywords. The name “searches related to” gives the detailed explanation about it. You can find the section at the end of SERP of Google and other search engines. There would appear the bunch of the keywords which people have searched for looking for the services and products which you are looking. These keywords are used for most times in the search engine.

Analyzing own Keywords

You have your websites in the www. Your websites also rank for some keywords as you have set up the website for promoting something related to your business. Look for the keywords on which your website is ranking for. Just analyze those keywords and promote keyword which would be more fruitful to you.

SEO keyword analysis tool for getting ideas related to the keyword on which your own website is ranking are:

  1. Google Analytics (free tool)
  2. Google search console(free tool)
  3. Bing web master tools(free Tool)

Well, this wraps us for keyword analysis tool. We hope with the use of every keyword analysis tool you could understand which keyword your customers are using to look you in www. We hope you have increased online exposures with great ROI.