Utilising your skills as a computer geek (IT contractor)

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The information technology (IT) industry in the United Kingdom is becoming bigger by the day and is desperately looking for fresh talent. The number of jobs and contracts in the digital/IT industry is expected to grow by more than 50% within the next few years. Technology, often referred to as ‘Tech’, is no longer presumed to be the domain of the introverted genius in maths. The increase in the number of creative IT job vacancies in tech companies has made the management teams hunt for innovative thinkers, team players and strong communicators.

Moreover, qualifying for an IT job does not always necessitate a tech-based degree. Gaining an entry-level job into the IT field can be an option, if a full-fledged tech job is not your forte as yet. Starting off with an ECDL (European Computer Driving License Course) available on websites like E-courses4You could be the first step in a long and fulfilling IT career.

With your creative IT skills, you could grab these chances by working as an individual contractor in your own limited company. If you prefer not to form a company another option is to use an umbrella company to look after your administration work. You can even be paid via an umbrella PAYE scheme.

Consider the following to achieve the best from working as a contractor/sole trader:

Understand the contract

In the tech industry, you are likely to be offered varying and unexpected types of contracts. As an IT expert with exceptional skills and creativity, you can pick and choose the types of jobs you want to take on. If you don’t understand exactly what the work will entail make thorough enquiries for clarification about what is required of you.

Take your time and do the sums

Contracts can prove to be unsatisfactory if they are signed quickly without due consideration. You need to take your time and negotiate appropriately to get the best out of the deal. Again, you have to do your calculations well and know how much you stand to earn from the contract taking into account your business expenses. The complexity, time and energy that will be dedicated to a particular project should be in line with the amount you expect as a remuneration.

Negotiate a contract

You should think of negotiating contracts as a vital part of your business. You need to take one step at a time when negotiating a contract agreement. The easier aspects of the agreement should be tackled first, then focus on the small print.

Study the contract

You should do extensive research before embarking on a contract, and if need be you should consult an industry expert for advice. Think more about your end game, and what you are really want to achieve. Have a clear picture of the amount of effort you will need to input to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Effective computer geeks are difficult to find and are in high demand. If you have computing skills that make employers book you for continuous tech contracts, make sure to make the most out of them. Be careful not to sign into any contract without reviewing it thoroughly and take into account what will be needed to accomplish the goals of the work successfully. It is certainly possible to make big money by using your exceptional, in-demand skills as an IT contractor, however, don’t rush into a job without due consideration.