Video Games and Nootropics: Can They Really Improve Your Game?

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Video games are still a relaxing activity for many as it’s primarily a form of entertainment. However, just like any other sport, e-sports is also being played professionally nowadays and having even a slight competitive edge over your opponents is often the difference between winning and losing. So, the question is, can nootropics or “smart drugs” give competitive gamers the edge they need to win? The short answer is yes, they can and we will try to understand how that’s true by discussing some of the main advantages here.


L-Theanine and Taurine are two common nootropics that people often use for reducing the effects of exhaustion and accumulated stress while doing any kind of mentally taxing work. If you are planning to play for long sessions without losing in-game performance after the initial hours, finding a suitable Nootropics company for yourself can definitely help with that. Combine them with a few cups of coffee (or concentrated caffeine) and you will get all the stimulation, but none of the anxiety and jitters that generally accompany stimulants.

Reaction Time

When you are playing a competitive FPS like CS: GO or PUBG, reaction time is often the most important factor in determining the winning team/player. Therefore, the fact that caffeine anhydrous improves reaction times means that any player on it will have an instant advantage over the others. Of course, it helps particularly if you already have an impressive reaction time to begin with, but that slight difference could mean everything on-screen.

Faster Learning

Learning a game in a competitive environment is more about just learning how to move, attack and shoot! You need to know every little detail about how the game mechanics works to be the best you can. As it is with everything else, only practice can help you get there. Nootropics such as Huperzine A and Bacopa can drastically speed up the learning process since they are proven cognitive enhancers. However, just like racetams, these are not immediate boosters, as their effects are achieved over long-term use.

Faster Decision Making

Decision making is a big challenge for a lot of people, especially when you have to make them in the fraction of a second inside a game. This is where sulbutiamine can improve one’s gaming abilities drastically. How it achieves that is hard to explain here without going into too many details, but it positively impacts the dopamine, cholinergic and glutamatergic neurotransmitters, which are responsible for assisting the brain in making informed decisions within a very short time.

Wonderful as these benefits may seem to any gamer, no powerful drug ever created comes without their own range of side effects and nootropics are not an exception to that rule either. We have already discussed the benefits, but you need to visit to know all about the side effects that taking a nootropic can have on your body and mind. The key to using any nootropic lies in fully understanding all of its positive and negative effects first.