What Is Airsoft?

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Airsoft is at the most basic level a fun recreational activity, technically it’s a shooting sport because there is a competitive element to it and it certainly is a game of skill and strategy. But like many sports airsoft is also a fun game that groups of people can enjoy playing together.

Airsoft is frequently confused with nerf, but the two are very different; it is more akin to paintball, but there are some significant differences between the two. Airsoft weapons, such as those available on websites such as https://gunlawsuits.org/top-picks/airsoft-starter-kit/, are used by players in airsoft games. These are intended to be more realistic in terms of appearance as well as weight. Instead of paintballs or nerf darts, airsoft guns fire pellets that are about 6mm in size and made of plastic. An airsoft gun typically looks like a traditional firearm but fires nonlethal plastic pellets. They are similar to paintball guns or BB guns in that they are used for target practice and military-style games. They are also known as non-powder guns or imitation firearms.

Airsoft games can be played in a wide variety of ways as well, the classic or most common type of game will be with two teams. Every time a player is shot they will be “killed” and out of the game, the team with the most members at the end will be the winners.

But that’s just one way to play other popular ways to play including manhunt style games were one person hunts down a group of players, capture the flag style games, games where one team as to protect someone or something and free for all’s.

Each type of game can also be played in multiple ways as well, for example in a classic team vs team match you could decide to give players more than one “life” so being shot once doesn’t mean they are out of the game. Certain players may also act as medics with the ability to rescue or heal players who have been shot.

Some groups will also roleplay during the game, you might pretend to be opposing militaries to give just one example. There is so much scope and variety to how airsoft can be played than some people can easily find it a little overwhelming at first. But rest assured with time you’ll soon get to grips with it and come to see why it’s so fun.

Airsoft combines strategy, teamwork, tactics, leadership, acting and much more there really is no game quite like it! Which is why it’s become so popular with people from all walks of life and one of the best things about airsoft is that almost anyone can play it.

As long as you are old enough to handle an airsoft weapon responsibly you’ll like have no problems getting to grips with the game. Due to the safety risks is it strongly advised to not let young children play airsoft (they’re best sticking with nerf for now) but almost anyone else can and trust me they will likely enjoy it.

There might be a bit of a learning curve to it at first, some people might be surprised by the kick some airsoft guns can have. But with a little time and patience, you’ll soon see what an exciting hobby it can be. Playing airsoft also provides many benefits as well, it will help develop problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, teamwork and best of all it’s a very physically demanding game as well so it will be sure to help you stay fit and healthy.

A good game of airsoft can be just as beneficial as a workout at the gym. So, don’t worry if you’re not in the best of shape right now because you can still enjoy airsoft and as a bonus, you’ll get some great exercise at the same time!

What Do I Need To Play?

So, now you know what airsoft is what do you need to play this exciting, one of a kind game? Thankfully you don’t have to buy much at least not right away and many of the skirmish sites were you can go to play airsoft in a professional, safe setting will usually allow you to rent the essentials as well.

But I can understand why many players will want to own their own weapons and equipment. So, basically all you will need to get started with airsoft is an airsoft weapon. There are plenty of dedicated airsoft stores in the UK you can buy from.

I recommend a handgun style weapon for beginners and facemask to ensure your eyes and face is protected during the game.

That’s all you will need at first but you will also need to dress appropriately as well, which means boots, gloves and at the very least a reasonably thick jacket and pants. As you get more experience in the game you can customise both your outfit/uniform and weapon to design them to your tastes.

You can build yourself a professional battle suit or design a more period appropriate outfit if you enjoy role-playing during the game. Weapons can be customised in a wide variety of ways including with grips, scopes, sights and much more as well.

So, that’s what airsoft is in a nutshell and what you need to be able to play it. It’s a fun and action-packed game with a lot of different ways to play.