What is so intriguing about Dota 2

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DOTA 2 is a very popular game with lots of DOTA 2 Tournaments taking place each year t find who is the best at the game. But if you’re completely new to the game, it can be daunting getting started so let’s start with the basics first. What is Dota 2? A multiplayer online battle arena type of game that is freely available online to play on your personal computer. It tests your thinking skills, battle strategy tactics and your reactions. A team of five players have to choose a unit of champions from a pool of heroes to counter the opposing team of another five champions. Dota 2 is a professional esport played live by some of the greatest computer gamers in the world. Some of the best Dota 2 betting sites offer you the chance to watch the event live whilst placing wagers on your favourite Dota 2 esports teams and players.

The aim of the game is to strike down your opponent’s tower which is situated in the middle of their base. With the help of your teammates, you will need to defend your base as well as attack your opponents when the moment arises. Dota tests not only the communication in your squad but also your individual skills as a gamer.

With an additional dota 2 mmr booster, you can make this game of fantastic heroes, battles, strategies, animations, and movements so addictive to watch and play. Below are the top 8 interesting facts about Dota 2.

  1. A German Town was the inspiration for the Dota 2 map.

Do you see the similarities? The game developers must have taken a liking from up above, the little town of Dschungelheim is situated close to Frankfurt in Germany is the inspiration for a Dota 2 map. As you can see on the real life 2D image, there are two rivalling football clubs, FC Scheisseverbuchen and FC Union Eisenkralle both in opposite corners. There is a tradition held on the 24th June where supporters of both teams walk on foot towards the central road that divides the town.

  1. A lifelike model of German physicist Max Planck guarded the Aegis instead of Roshan.

While in the development stage of Dota 2, the game developers Valve made a few experiments to the classic Dota map which included an authentic 3D model of the acclaimed physicist, Max Planck placed what was known at the time as the Planck Pit. Gamers had 100 seconds to answer a question on radiation and if the solution given was correct, Planck would do a little spin, tossing over the Aegis.

After receiving unfavourable comments from many gamers, Valve immediately took off the lifelike physicist, replacing him with the hero we now know as Roshan.

  1. Teleport through the waterfall

Originally in the first version of Dota 2, on the Western river, heroes who walked through a waterfall, had the ability to teleport themselves from the west side to the east side. Since this ability was disliked by many gamers, the feature was removed from Dota game.

  1. Deadmau5 shared his gaming frenzy making a surprise visit at TI5

Famous DJ, Deadmau5 finds gaming so exciting, he made a surprise appearance at a prestigious Dota tournament, The International 5. In fact, the Dota 2 Deadmau5 dieback music list is available to hear on YouTube whenever you want.

  1. You support your team by watching your own back.

Taking on the supportive role, you have a number of spells at your disposal but as soon as you run out of protection, what happens then? Better to stay out of sight from your enemies as you will not be able to survive the fight. Once you regain your strength you can rejoin in the Dota 2 battle. However, there are situations where you may need to continue fighting and in this case, use your intuition of survival skills.

  1. Your hero is your eyes, listen and stay alert.

To detect where invisible heroes are located is in fact nearly impossible to track in-game, especially in esports tournaments. With more concentration and training, keep your ears sharp for your allies and your hero’s cues. Champions that have specific lines notify you when invisible enemies are close by. Take Ursa for instance, when she says ‘Enemy is here’ it means that there is something lurking in the shadows. Beware…

  1. For more vision, cast a spell.

When you play support, some magic can help provide a clearer vision of enemy heroes. So cast a spell before all your enemies disappear into the shadows instead of making your champion going into the area to check what is going on, or you may be caught in a trap. Strong Dota heroes like Zeus can strike lightning bolts and this gives you the exact location of the enemy. On top of this, Mirana’s and Windranger’s arrows provide vision as they travel to their targets.

  1. Dota 2 is a competitive game featured in The International every year.

The biggest esports tournament of the year is without a doubt The International. Last year, the prize pool was raised thanks to fans contributions which reached a jaw-dropping $ 24.7 million. This year, Dota fans from the four corners of the world will be able to earn Battle Level Rewards with the Emerald Conquest, Emblem of the Crystal Echelon, The Emerald Abyss, Hell-Spar Anathema, Eimer Hillburrow and many more features. All these will contribute to The International 8 prize pool that is projected to be over an incredible $25 million.