What Reviews Have To Say About Benefits Of Bed Fans

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Most of us have different preferences when it comes to sleeping. Some like big pillows, some like no pillows at all. Some like blankets, some hate them. Some like to sleep in silence while some sleep with music on.

The same goes when it comes to the temperature in which we like to sleep in. While some would have a heater in bed with them, some prefer icy cold rooms. It might also depend on the weather and season outside.

Most of us would rather sleep in warm rooms when it’s snowing outside. At the same time, we’d do anything to cool off in the middle of the summer.

Whatever the season or your preferences be, sleeping in a cooler environment has been proven to be healthier than sleeping in a warm room. It causes fewer health problems and it warrants for better sleep – here’s more info on that.

But how do you cool off?

Naturally, you could open a window. However, this is not particularly useful in the middle of the summer.

The solution – get a bed fan.

What Are Bed Fans?

Bed fans are simple, yet extremely effective devices that are placed on the bed to cool the people in it off. They are usually mounted at the foot of the bed, although you could place them on the side of the bed.

The main thing they do is that they circulate the air under the sheets, giving you a feeling that it’s cooler than it actually is. They don’t really supply you with cold air, but rather just act as wind to cool you off.

There are more high-tech solutions out there, of course. You could get a system that is water-cooled or something similar. However, bed fans, whether tower fans or bed fans that actually go on the bed, are a lot cheaper and offer the same functionality, plus more.

As mentioned, you can get a standard fan and place it near your bed for the cooling effect or you could get a bed fan that actually goes into your bed.

So, it will give you cooler nights and some other benefits that you might like. Many online reviews have already gone through to why bed fans are great. These are some of the biggest benefits of bed fans.

It Will Cool You Off

This one is obvious, and likely the reason why you decided to get the bed fan in the first place. Many people get them for this specific reason as well. It can effectively fight the heat, especially in the summer and it can help you be more comfortable.

It will circulate the air over your body, and it will cause your body temperature to drop, making it easier to fall asleep when it’s too hot outside. This works well in the night and in the day as well.

They create a breeze too, and this is something you will likely enjoy. Some people use them with their air conditioners, even if it’s cool enough inside, just because of the light breeze. It feels as if you’re falling asleep on the beach. However, if your air conditioner is not working to full capacity, you may want to look into an AC repair service to have it checked out, helping to drift you off to sleep.

Keep in mind that bed fans can cause some air dryness, so you should make sure that you also have a humidifier nearby, just in case the air gets too try for your taste inside. You can find out how to deal with air dryness on this page: https://www.webmd.com/women/dry-indoor-air

Budget-friendly Breeze

Air conditioners are usually expensive. You can get the central air system or a window air conditioner, but they are still expensive, no matter which one you pick.

On the other hand, fans are quite cheap and easy to use. Of course, there are many expensive fans out there, but for the main purpose of cooling you down, any fan will do. If you don’t have an air conditioning system in your home yet, and you can’t afford one either, a fan is your best solution.

It’s a money-saving solution that will allow you to completely enjoy your nights no matter the season.

Background Noise

Many people prefer sleeping with a fan on rather than any other cooling device because of all the white noise it creates. You have probably heard just how beneficial the white noise can be for sleep – scientists even recommend it for babies that don’t usually sleep well.

As Ryans Best Reviews says, the sounds of the fan are soothing and that helps people doze off without trouble. White noise is great because it creates a smoothness in noise. For example, having something make a sound abruptly would likely wake you up and scare you. With white noise, you are protected from those noise variations and you are less likely to be woken up by a sound.

So, in a way, you get two devices in one – a white noise machine and a fan that can cool you off. These two equals a night of great sleep.

Smell Repellant

This is probably one purpose of fans that you didn’t consider, but that will likely come in as useful to you. Let’s face it – sometimes smells can come into your home. They are not welcome, and you don’t even really know where they came from. It can bother some people before sleep.

The smells can come from your home as well. Your sheets may smell good, but if it’s too much, it can make you sick. Maybe that onion-laden meal you prepared in the kitchen earlier made its smelly way into your bedroom.

It’s hard to sleep when you’re about to barf.

So, a fan will do you good in getting rid of all of those unwanted smells.


A fan will keep the air in your bedroom moving and flowing around. This is beneficial for many people, especially those with breathing issues. Many people believe that fans make breathing easier. It may also help people feel less claustrophobic.