When it Comes to Epic Mobile Games, The Creators of Final Fantasy Have Hit It Out of the Park

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There are many mobile games out there for Android and iOS, but only a few would be considered epic. You wouldn’t look at Candy Crush or Angry Birds and say epic. You’d call them fun and entertaining, but nothing else. Then you have big games that push the boundaries of what smartphones and tablets can do. One such game would be the Final Fantasy epic game, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

Amazing Graphics

Everything in this game looks spot on, just how you would like it to look. From the hero characters and NPCs to the buildings and land, everything here is beautiful. The creators did a wonderful job of rendering and detailing their world so that it looks as appealing as possible.

Many mobile apps rely either on nostalgic pixel graphics or childish designs that are stylish, but this game instead uses realistic designs that you would expect to find on console games. 

Constant Progress

Why do people play RPGs? One of the major reasons is that they love progress. Players enjoy getting that next level, learning a new spell, finding a rare item and unlocking legendary characters.

This game has a building element where you have to build your castle, armies and research new spells and techniques. Because of this, you’ll find that different areas of your team will be leveling up constantly. Every few minutes your army will get stronger, someone will find a rare item or your hero will increase in level. You’ll feel proud of your custom kingdom as it gets stronger and better able to defend itself from threats of monsters and other players. 

Social Elements

Games that force you to be social often aren’t fun, but games that give you the option and show that being social has its advantages are much better. FFXV: A New Empire allows you to befriend nearby kingdoms to increase your influence over the land. From sharing riches to defending or attacking in unison, this allows you to easily increase your strength just by sending an invite to another player.

Being social definitely pays off when another player is looking to destroy your kingdom. Having an alliance means that your friends will come to your aid to ward off the attackers, minimizing damage. You could also attack other kingdoms together to rule the map.

Due to the advantages of teaming up, most people are happy to accept invitations to join your empire. 

Always Getting Bigger

One of the shining aspects of this game is that it’s always getting bigger and more challenging. Not only do missions get harder as you progress through the game, but you also have to be ready to defend against other players. The map is always changing because new players are coming in, existing players are building up their own kingdoms and alliances are being made and broken.

The game never remains static. Whether you are playing alone or getting involved in the social elements, you will find that each day brings its own obstacles and challenges.

Favorite Characters

A New Empire doesn’t just take elements from the original console game. You’ll also find all of your favorite characters here supporting your quest. Noctis acts as the hero. You can send him on special hero quests, defeat monsters and learn new skills.

You will also find other characters like Ignis, Regis and Lunafreya helping you out as you get stronger and fully develop your kingdom.


FFXV: A New Empire really hit it out of the park when it comes to features, graphics and progress. You can play as your favorite characters and there is always something new to do. If you love the Final Fantasy series or just want an epic game worthy of your mobile device, then give this app a try.