Why The Hyperice Is Much Better Than A Standard Massage Gun

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When it comes to taking care of your physical health through exercise, perhaps as part of an overall approach to a healthier life encompassing eating right, it appears as if no good deed goes unpunished, doesn’t it?

Sure, some gym rats and fitness fanatics love feeling that post-workout pain you suffer as a result of lactic acid build-up and the intentional muscle fibre damage dealt to  muscles you’re trying to strengthen through exercise. However, that doesn’t make the pain any less bearable, sometimes elevating to levels that have it causing some real discomfort in your everyday life away from the gym.

Enter the massage gun, which is naturally something you would have thought about as a way to perhaps facilitate a massage without having to go the conventional route, which is characteristically costly. You’d be lucky to perhaps be located in a place like Thailand, where professional massages can be cheap depending on where you go, perhaps as part of your post kickboxing (Muay Thai) workout recovery regime. Even then, the costs can very quickly add up, which is just another reason that prompts people to look towards getting a massage gun.

Hypervolt’s Hyperice naturally comes up quite a lot as one of the best options to go with if you’re seeking a high-quality massage gun, so that is indeed the best place to start your search.

A massage gun is basically a tool which provides therapy through percussion, much in the like of reporting back from getting a Thai or sports massage as having been beaten up a little. It’s a tool for the delivery of a deep tissue massage and since it is indeed a handheld device, what this means is that you can essentially administer the deep tissue massage yourself.

A standard massage gun does the job well enough, but classifications such as that of a “standard” massage gun are emerging on the back of the emergence of higher quality massage guns, such as the Hyperice. This ergonomic unit is way better than a standard massage gun for a number of reasons, one of which is its position at the top of the premium massage gun range in terms of its stroke frequency.

You get much more with the Hyperice in this way, with between 2k and 3k strokes per minute.

It has an impressive battery life as well, offering up to three hours of massage action which is typically quite a bit longer than the average massage session. So you might forget to charge once or twice and still have enough battery power to reap the benefits of your required percussion massage.

It’s a very quiet unit too, so if your athletic endeavours take more of the flavour of moonlighting, you won’t be bothering your co-workers with your use of the Hyperice in the office.

If you’ve ever used a standard massage gun then pretty much everything you wish was improved on the standard massage gun is contained in the Hyperice.