Women With Leadership Positions in the Casino Industry

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Casino establishments offer great opportunities for career building and working conditions ideal for women. Lately, many of the women having a working job in a casino environment have managed to reach leadership positions. Not only do they offer great positions, but also offers future career prospects and personal growth. Some years ago, the iGaming industry has been mostly male-dominated and over time, women have also started to climb the casino hierarchy, which led to many inspiring stories about women landing in top positions such as management.

A casino company known for its encouragement of women in the casino industry is MGM which has received awards in the past for its employee diversity and for the fact that women comprised approximately half of their entire workforce. Recently, Ice Africa, a conference where many people from the gaming industry meet to present new ideas and innovations in the iGaming world, tend to have honored the work that women have done in the industry and the impact of the women in leadership programme(s) carried out across several countries.

Elmarie van Wyk

Elmarie van Wyk, a casino gaming manager, shared her views and inspiring story on the world of gambling. She mentioned the challenges she faced in a male-dominated industry and how she was able to overcome them by remaining motivated and goal-driven. With more than 14 years working in the casino industry, she has assisted the technical development of her company and during this time she has gathered a lot of experience that granted her the position of Gaming Manager.

Maria Boelius

Maria Boelius is another woman that has greatly contributed to the iGaming Industry. Acting as a manager at her online casino, she pointed out that the industry is dynamic and rapidly changing and great advice that she offered is to maintain a good relationship with any business partners that one comes into contact.  She also mentions that one should form a concrete idea of what their game should be and not deviate from it. No idea can satisfy everybody, therefore it is good to have a firm base and maintain it for the right people who enjoy your games. She offers great insights into how to properly start up a gaming business and the challenges of maintaining it and, at the same time, expanding it.

Denise Coates

Denise has proven to be a very intelligent woman with a great talent for mathematics and one of the first people that saw the potential of mobile gaming. Warwick Bartlett, the GBGC (global betting and gaming consultant) said about Denise that she is a driven woman, with a talent to see the wider picture of the gaming industry. She is a self-made businesswoman and is seen by many women across the world as a great influence.

She has grown her entire business from scratch and her hard work and determination managed to grow the brand to one of the most well known betting sites online. In the last few years, many online casino websites have made an appearance on the internet and with the growing usage of mobile phones, more will surely appear in the future. A growing trend on the internet is free-to-play casino games such as Gaminator free slots or similar social casino websites, where players have access to a wide variety of slot games that can also be played on mobile and for free.

As mentioned, Denise Coats was one of the first people that saw what mobile gaming could become and took a huge risk in pursuing it. Her example shows everybody that by remaining dedicated to a goal and at the same time taking a few necessary risks, one’s business will surely grow over time and has the potential to reach great heights.

A Final Note

These few examples are enough to demonstrate that by having the right mindset and a set goal to work towards will greatly increase the possibility of a business to thrive. Today, many women attain leadership positions at jobs and some even think that the number of women in leadership positions might soon surpass that of men.