WSOP app review

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Let’s be real, when you think of poker – the first thing that springs to mind is the World Series of Poker (WSOP). This is the game’s most prestigious tournament, where poker legends come together to compete for bracelets and the kind of recognition they’ve been dreaming of since they first laid eyes on a poker table. You might wonder how an app can possibly emanate similar levels of excitement and atmosphere, but with WSOP’s app we think they might have just gone and nailed it.

First off – let’s tackle how it looks. Some poker apps are undeniably dull around the edges. Things move slowly, you don’t know who you’re playing and frankly, they just don’t hold your attention. WSOP’s poker room is vibrant enough to keep you enthralled. In fact, the sights and sounds you encounter effectively simulate those of a real casino, which is a real winner in our book. The developers have kept things nice and straight-forward – there are no garish adverts and every button is clearly labelled so you’ll always know what to do whether you want to raise, fold or hold.

The app is free to play, which works for us, and you don’t have to play for real money. However, if you’re over 21 and in the US state of Nevada, you can take things up a notch with their exciting Real Money app. We particularly enjoy the fact that you can opt for either Texas Hold’em or Omaha, which is a nice touch given the same varieties are on offer at the WSOP. It’s almost like you’re there! The app provides some decent statistics on how you’re playing, what you’ve won and finished, as well as the highest stakes played and how many tournaments won. If you’re new to the game – there are a range of simple tutorials that get to the nitty gritty right away and that came in super handy for me.

To keep you interested, the app whisks you to different cities as you progress through each prize level. You’ll visit Atlantic City, Sydney, Paris and more, all without having to move a muscle. You’ll also be gifted free chips every four hours, which is a nice touch, and you can connect with Facebook for even more added extras.

Whether you’re a card shark looking to hone your game at every chance you get, or you’re looking to break into the world of online poker, this is a fantastic app which keeps things simple and entertaining. We couldn’t recommend it more!